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How many of us have a tattoo?

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I have one small one on my right formarm. The letter's TM
anybody else?
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here is mine
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Sherral..I never thought of you as the Tattoo type! You shocked me!

I don't have a tattoo, but have always wanted one. I just can't decide what I'd want or if I'd like it forever. I've always wanted a Husker tattoo since I'm diehard Nebraskan, but I'm not quite sure. If I'd get a Husker one, it look something like this picture. BTW, the pic is of Husker Earrings...aren't the cute! I'm gonna have to get me a pair of those for game days!
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This "us" has 2. One is the symbol for Sagittarius and the other is 4 kitten paws.
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Sherral what does the "TM" stand for?

I have a few and have plans for a few more someday. Mine are all artwork that I've drawn and designed myself. My favorite is a big piece on my back of japanese-style cherry blossoms.

Aww- kitty paws how cute!
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yes I have 1 tattoo of a cat on my right shoulder.
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I have a cross on my abs about an inch and a half below my bellybutton.
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I have 3. One on my leg, one on my shoulder, and one on my lower back.
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I have:
A geisha with a harp and a tiger at her feet that covers hip to knee on my left outer thigh
A cat with a collar of flowers, a bouquet of spring flowers, an angel on left shoulder, upper arm
A mask similar to Michaelangelo's Green Man on my right uper arm
A jester on my left outer calf, horseshoe with flowers left outer calf
A genie on left inner calf, man in spiderweb outer left calf, high heeled shoe, hourglass, back of left calf
A wizard and pegasus right outer thigh
An eagle fighting a snake on my whole back
I think that's all! I have been trying for months to get some pics taken to post.
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i have one on my shoulderblade of my name in chinese
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I was terrified of getting my ears pierced let alone a tatoo!! The ears have healed nicely thank you!
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I am too conservative (read boring) to get a tatto. Not to mention chicken-I don't like pain!
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Here's another for the conservative (boring) club! No tattoos here.
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I have a design on the small of my back and a couple musical notes on the back of my neck.

I had both of them done (on seperate occasions) when I was visiting Sandie & Imagyne from this board, and the second time Deb25 was there as well.

Hopefully Sandie sees this thread....she's got a boatload of tats! Like 13 or something like that. She's hardcore!
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Originally posted by Cind11
I am too conservative (read boring) to get a tatto. Not to mention chicken-I don't like pain!
I'm part fowl, and the one on my back wasn't painful at all. I was more freaked out by the thought of what he was doing, than what he was actually doing
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Here is mine I got a year ago...this is the pic the day I got it done. Hope its not too graphic, its on the bottom of my back.

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Ginger, I your tattoo! It's awesome! I am probably going to get one for my 18th birthday. I want a kitty on my right shoulder!
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krazykat I will borrow one of yours, i am to chicken to get my own. Having survived 7 surgeries in my life, I stay away from intentional pain.
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Wow everyones tatoos look and sound cool !!, HAHA I would be killed by my parents if I got one , I'm going to get one SOME day , something to do with cats , My Mum is getting pawprints on her lower back, sorta like a trail
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Here's mine. It's on my upper left arm. It was the most painful experience I ever went through. But of course I've always contemplated getting another...

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Nope - none here either! I was supposed to have one when my friend had hers, but I bottled out. Hers went septic though and looked horrible, so I was really glad I didn't have one done in the end
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I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo. I mean, am I really going to appreciate it when I'm 80? I think not. My dad has one he got in the army and it looks awful now, and he's only 65. I might consider a *SMALL* tatto, a rose or a pawprint, on my ankle where it'd be covered by socks.
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I have always wanted one, but hubby won't let me....I just want a butterfly or unicorn on my hip....is it very painful having one on your hip?
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I have a bird on my shoulder and roses wrapped in barb wire (story of my life) on my ankle, have plans to get 3 more. My other half is a tattooist, and i did a tatt on him once, it was aweful, felt worse than getting one, made me sick, i didnt finish it

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I'm entirely way too chicken. I've given birth to 2 kids, but tatoos?? NO WAY!!

I saw Colby's after it was done, and it really looks cool...I wish I was brave enough But I'm not!

Not to mention, hubby isn't too keen on them...he likes me plain and simple!
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Sword of truth, on my left shoulder. Its a symbolic sword from Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth/Wizards first rule series.
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Has anyone ever actually hidden a tatoo and whoever they were hiding it from didn't find out? I have a pawprint on my big toe like a toe ring. It hurt really bad!!! But of course it looks so cute
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The TM is Ted's initals
Ted Mortimer
And it barely hurt at all
shell I was young and drunk when I got mine[Ted was not a paster then]
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I've got two. The pic is of the one on my left thigh, a bit above the knee. It's a combination of the NIN from Nine Inch Nails' Sin single and the cover art from Rosetta Stone's Adrenalize CD. These are my two favorite bands and I figured the design is abstract enough that if I ever don't like them, the design is still cool. The other tat is vampire bites on my chest, so I won't show you a picture of those! My mother thought they were "cute".

I'd really like to get more!! I would like to get a butterfly in honor of my mother, and I want to get something Egyptian too. It really doesn't hurt, at least mine didn't. Depends on where you get them, too. If you want to know what it feels like, take a needle and scratch (not jab!) yourself with it. OK, so this goes on for hours depending on the size of the tat, but that's what it felt like for me.

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I have a wolf with a rose on the side of my leg (towards the ankle).
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