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My cat Normie passed on Saturday morning.

He was only 3 - a ball of energy - always with his tail straight up in the air like a flag. He climbed up my curtains to the top of the fireplace, slept on the wooden beams at the top of my cathedral ceiling, hid in the bathtub to pounce on me. Like any cat he occasionally had a temper and when he got angry with me he would jump on my leg. He was the sweetest, most affectionate, intelligent being ever to grace my life. He had a fixation with office machines, and because my office is in my basement he amused himself daily, his preference being the fax. The sound of a machine would bring him running - even after three years his enthusiasm never waned - not even a bit.

Last week I took him to the vet with symptoms of FLUT. Indeed he was blocked and they catheterized him. The vet called and said his blood work was fine; there were no complications. That same day they removed the catheter, but the blockage recurred. Then they were unable to re-insert the catheter due to edema in his urethra. That was the tragic event that led to his death, but only after I approved a tortuous last-resort PU surgery. Before surgery the vet had squeezed his bladder to extract urine and also did cystocentesis. The bladder was compromised and urine was draining into his abdominal cavity; this was most likely what impeded his recovery.

Friday I finally insisted on bringing him home and letting him pass with me at his side, surrounded by the smells and sounds he was used to. About 4:00 he breathed his last breath and I was there to comfort him, which is the only solace available. Otherwise I am absolutely devastated and worse are the feelings of guilt that I didn't get him to the vet sooner, that I didn't research the condition on time (they say a catheter should be left in for three days)... so many feelings and no relief. It's too late for should have, could have.. We lost this amazing noble being that brought us so much joy and made us laugh every day. I will never be the same.
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I am so sorry you lost your beloved Normie.

Rest in peace, Normie.
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Awww... What a tragedy you just went through... I am so very sorry... Please do not blame yoursef... Tragedies happen to the best of people... It was not your fault.
Please take care, and know your kitty knew you loved him dearly.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your sweet ball of energy, Normie.

I feel the same about my Monti. It is devastating because it happens so fast and you feel like if there was only time to think and research and try harder. We did the best we could for our furbabies. May they both rest in peace together.
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Condolences on your sad loss of dear Normie Take plenty of time out to grieve - losing your treasure at such a young age is particularly devastating and please know that you did the best you could, left no stone are in my thoughts and prayers tonight...Godspeed over RB, little Normie
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RIP Normie. It's awful when you lose them fast. That happened to me in Nov 07. You tend to second guess yourself. I still do sometimes. I am so sorry.
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Thank you everybody for your kindness. It really helps to hear comments from others who have been through this and understand how tough it is and how much we love our feline family members.
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I'm so sorry. What a special little boy he sounds,

I had to smile with the reaction he had with the fax machine, because my Sophies the same with the dvd player when it gets switched on


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I'm so sorry for the loss of your cat, he sounds like a real sweetheart. Rest in Peace Normie.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is never, ever easy to lose such a special friend but as others have said, please don't try to second guess yourself. It only leads to more grief. You did everything you knew how to do to save your boy and that is what counts. May he rest comfortably and play happily over the Bridge.
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I`m so sorry for your loss.

Rest In Peace little angel
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I lost a cat once to that very same thing... We thought he just had a UTI but the vet discovered it was worse and the antibiotics weren't helping like they normally would. He was the most muscular, well-built cat you could ever see. He never got sick so when he went downhill so quickly, we were stunned.

It's good that sweet little Normie was by your side when he passed. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else! Take comfort in the fact that he's playing happily in the sunshine now, waiting for you and greeting all the other furry souls on the other side
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Thanks Sparkie. I know that, though I can't help but being sad and missing him - going back over the reasons for Normie's passing do no good. However, apart from the great loss of such a young and fabulous kitty, I intend to be a lot more careful with the vet I choose in the future - and also to be more investigative about my pets' health. My other cat has been such a rock that I just assumed I was doing the right thing. She was born in 1992 and she is still a gorgeous babe - she has never been sick a day in her life. I wonder if she misses the way Normie harrassed her - of course only when I was around. They were jealous - because otherwise I would find both of them chillin' on the bed together! Normie used to kick her off of her favorite spot and get up there himself! If I caught him in the act, he'd run away - but not far. As soon as he thought I wasn't paying attention, he try again. He had me laughing all day.
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You did what you could for him so please don`t blame yourself. At least you know you gave him a wonderful home and all the love and care he needed in his short life
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