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Is new cat not peeing enough? clumps soooo small

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So to re-cap, I adopted a 1 yr old male from the humane society this past Saturday. In excellent health as confirmed by their Vet and my own Vet. He's a real bundle of energy to boot.

He was neutered on Feb 10.

I was concerned yesterday as I'd noticed he was licking his penis a couple of times (once was in addition to his neuter site) - definitely not obsessively like cats w/ blockages do..........but yesterday morning over the course of 2 hours he'd peed 2 very small amounts....very shallow clumps the diameter of a large marble. Scared me, although he was acting fine. Took him to the local 24 hr Emerg Hospital and asked about them doing a urinalysis. His bladder was empty, so they couldn't do one. Vet looked at neuter site, said it looked inflamed and suspected he was licking down there just due to some discomfort. He gave him a shot of Metacam for inflammation. I asked him for some antibiotics, too, just in case there was any infection at the site....so he started him on Amoxicillin (I started that last night, 100mg), had 2nd dose tonight.

Since he came home to me on Saturday afternoon (from the Humane Society), he's peed 2 good sized clumps.......definitely the entire size of a golf ball. His urine is very strong, I believe it's due to him having been recently neutered and time has to elapse before the hormone (testosterone) settles down.

I have been checking his and my other 4 cats' litterboxes to see if he's peeing larger amounts....his are easy to ID, they smell so strong.

He peed once during the day, maybe the size of a large marble. Then when I got home from work I put him in the box and he peed again, the clump was the size of a large marble again. No straining, no crying, he was in and out ! LOL

This concerns me.

I've been feeding him canned and dry food. He was getting only dry at the H.S.

He's rambunctious, zipping all over the house, loves to play. Not in any discomfort.

Usually with a UTI a cat would pee frequent small amounts............he's surely not peeing frequently.

This concerns me. Could it be that I'm just used to much older cats who pee larger amounts? Would a 1 yr old pee smaller amounts?

I watched him tonight, devour an entire can of fancy feast (I added a little water to it) so surely when he next pees he'll pee more?

Even after yesterday's 2 very small pees within 2 hours, the Vet said his bladder was tiny so assured me that he's not retaining urine.

I don't know what to think but I'm kind of concerned.


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Have you tried using bottled water? maybe he doesnt like the new water taste at your house. sounds like hes not drinking nearly enough water if he was empty at the vets.
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