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Lousy Valentines Day?

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Who else had a bad one? Mind you, hub was great, didn't forget or anything, but my phone/internet has been off since early Sat morning, and we lost YumYum that day too.....which made it really, really bad! Anyone else share in my misery?
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Awww, so sorry you lost little Yum Yum, she was so adorable!
One thing that I am always battleing is winter depression. Lets face it, winter sucks! I have had some severe winter depressions, and sometimes a loved one doing everything they can to make you happy, unfortunately doesn't change that feeling. 3 years ago I lost my beloved Sweety days before Christmas. I can't describe the emotional "freak out" I went through. I was a mess for months! When I was 14, I lost my first horse on Thanksgiving Day! To this day I remember him then!
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Awww wow that sounds like a terrible day I am so sorry. My valentine's day last year was not so great, but not nearly as bad. My boyfriend and I were supposed to go out somewhere to eat but he forgot to make reservations so we ended up going from one place to another searching for one that would seat us, and in the end got so exhausted that we ate at chic fil a. I was very annoyed and I wished that we had just had a relaxing evening at his house or my house instead. Even chic fil a was packed.
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I lost Butterscotch on Valentines Day in 1993 so it has not been the same since.
It was ok this year though.
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Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about Yum-Yum. VD day was basically boring for us, but we're old married people so that's to be expected. We were going to go out, but decided to save money and stay in and watched a movie instead. Not too exciting, but it didn't completely suck either.
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I'm so sorry about Yum-Yum.
Our Valentines day consisted of dh coming home from work as I was leaving for work. In passing we exchanged cards then I left for work. I didn't get home until 2 am that night. No Valentines day for us....
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Mine wasn't really lousy, just lonely.
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I'm so sorry about Yum Yum!!

My son started running at 103 fever that afternoon, but otherwise it was uneventful.
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So sorry about Yum Yum

My V-day was ok. My fiance and I both had to work, though he had to work much much later as usual. No one would switch shifts with him. sigh. So I hung out with my girl friends, and it was nice.
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I work in the communications area of the IT organization here, so if IT services (email, course management, etc.) go down, my group dispenses the information to the general public (i.e., students, faculty, and staff). I just so happened to be on call this weekend and this week.

Wouldn't you know it...the darned on-call phone rang right before we were seated at the restaurant!!!! :/ Luckily for me, the outage was so big, our main form of communication was down, lol. I did stay for dinner, enjoyed it, and DH and I played some WoW.

I still need to get his Valentine's Day gift. He was kind enough to give me mine Saturday, but he wouldn't tell me what he wanted. :/
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