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Reddish (bloody?) discharge from cats' eyes?

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I've asked this before, I think, but got no response. Now it in more than one cat. Their eyes look clear and healthy otherwise. Anyone know what this could be?
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In our case it was an infection. When one of my girls had that I also thought I was seeing blood. My vet assured me the color of the discharge had nothing to do with blood. Medication cleared up the infection amazingly quickly.
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My cat had that as well...I thought I could beat it at home...with flushing it out and using polysporin didn't work...the meds I got from the vet cleared it up in 2 days...kept using it for 10 days like vet suggested...
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This happened to our cat back in the 1980's. After a couple of days we took him to the vet who said he'd been poisoned, and immediately started him on vitamin K, among other things. He said that was actually blood coming from his eyes, and we were lucky to catch it in time.
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