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cheap, ugly, but HUGE success!!

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Since I am no longer going to move, I decided to put some boxes to better use... I made some holes in the front, top or sides and taped the boxes together... It is not pretty at all, but it took me less than 5 minutes to make it, and the kitties love it!!! They have been using all the time as a hide out when they are playing chase...
Here it is...
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I love it!
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That looks like my two calicos' idea of heaven right there! Ginger and Annie are my two box-dwellers and they can play for hours with just one box...your project is fabulous!!!
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I need to "steal" some more boxes from work.
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What a great idea! Obviously, they're loving' it!
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Can my cats come over and play! What a great idea. I wonder what my SO would say if he came home to a cat box castle!
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It is so silly, but I will tell you they used it non stop yesterday, and all day today... Every time I thought about doing an "upgrade", I couldn't as a kitty would be in it... Not sure what their fascination with boxes is, but... It surely works for me!!! Here is Lucky trying to decide if she wanted to use the front, side or top door

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I had several of those in my house & outside for years. Boxes are a cats best friend!
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OMG that is sooo cute! My cats love boxes too but i have never made a castle, i need too!!
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i cant believe ive been throwing boxes away!!
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That is absolutely superb, my place always looks like a warehouse because of all the cardboard boxes I have lying around for the cats, but it keeps them happy so I'm happy too
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I have a couple of boxes just sitting on the floor and my two jump all over them! I got a bigger box from work a couple of weeks ago, cut off the flaps, cut a little doorway on one end and they like to run and play in it and on top of it. Silly kitties!!
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
i cant believe ive been throwing boxes away!!
I get sick of tripping over them, but we always have to have at least one out for the kitties.
I never thought of making a cat house out of them! What a great idea! Your kitties are obviously loving it!
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That is so creative! My cats would love this
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Very cool, that was a great idea!

My gf and I are going to build a cat tree but I think I'll do a cardboard box castle like you for the kitties to play with in the meantime.

Good stuff
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It may not be esthetically pleasing to a mere human, but obviously you hit the feline functionality right on the head! Good job!
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That is the coolest and most creative thing i've seen anyone do for their kitties!! This is giving me LOTS of ideas for a castle for the boys.
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Whenever we get a package, the box usually stays around for a few days, until it's either crushed or chewed up and it goes in the kitty toys ever.
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I can relate! When I was acclimating a new kitty a couple of weeks ago, I felt the urge to cobble up something together quickly so everyone would have a new distraction. My cardboard fortress:

Nice to see there are others out there thinking 'outside the box'!
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That is such a good idea, Mizzy would love it, i might make her a castle then she can act like a princess, (as she would lay on the highest place, or hide).
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Someone else will probably have the thread bookmarked, but a member here made a wonderful "cat jungle" out of Sterilite containers.

I once bought a refrigerator or something, and I just took the box next door for the 10-year-old boy to play in. Kids and cats have a lot in common, when it comes to boxes.
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Yes thats a great idea, my cats love empty boxes. They received a big cat scratcher/climber thingy for Christmas and they preferred to play in the empty packaging instead
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Someone else will probably have the thread bookmarked, but a member here made a wonderful "cat jungle" out of Sterilite containers.
oh, yes - the jellicle tribes tupperlair! scroll down the thread for more pix, btw.
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ok I have to make one!
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You aren't moving anymore?? So there is still a chance we can get together for coffee when we move?? Woohoo!

Those boxes are great! We have a bunch of boxes her also. You should cut out some really small holes, just big enough for their paws to fit through, so they can bat at each other. They are also great for playing with cat toys. Nora's favorite game is for us to poke her ball through a hole, and then she tries to find it. She'll play that game for hours!! LOL I'll try to remember to take a picture of her boxes to show you.

ETA Here are some pictures. She wasn't happy with me b/c I hid the ball for her a couple times but stopped playing to come download the pictures. She is looking for the ball in the holes in these pictures. I tried to get a picture of her sticking her paw in to grab the ball, but she's too fast for me. lol She is so smart, you can pat your finger on a certain hole and she will come over and look through that one. lol She sticks her whole head into the little flap. LMAO

When Milo was here they used to bat at each other through the holes. Usually Milo would sit inside the boxes and Nora outside.

This is a giant flap on the back of the bigger "box". She can fit her whole body into this one.

I built this bench for Gus, and it was his favorite thing. Nora doesn't use it at all, but it still sits there. It is covered in cat fur. LOL It is padded and I stained it and covered it myself. The little blue basket is all of her cat toys.
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Hey that's wonderful! A box is all kitty ever needs!
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