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Window Perch...

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I really want to get one, but they don't seem very supportive. Does anybody here have one? Or know of a good one? I keep seeing the same ones online and at the pet stores.

It's funny because the neighbor cat just came to my window for the first time yesterday. He jumped up about 6 feet to my window sill and I saw him sitting there in the tv reflection. I thought it was my kitten at first and then I looked back and it was this huge grey and white calico looking cat. Very pretty, he was. So I put my cat up there and they are starting to become "window" friends. I won't let my kitty out, only on his leash. I'm scared of cars and such.

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Be careful if there is an open screen. Midnight got a terrible infestation of fleas a few years ago that way, sniffing noses with an outdoor cat. Fleas are small enough to jump through the screen!
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EEWWWWwww, I don't like all the dangers of outdoors cats!!!!
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funkyg - I have a window perch for Spike and it holds him just fine. I should mention that he's about 9 pounds though, so I don't know if more weight would be a problem. I'm almost certain I got mine through the Drs. Foster and Smith website.
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I have two window perches in my house and they support a total weight of 25 pounds sometimes. so if weight is your concern, don't worry. if it can support two of my "little" monsters(LOL!) I'm sur eyou'll have no problem with your kitty. but just so you know. I never use mine by windows that are opened with screens only. they are put up on closed windows. I'm to nervous of a mom and I don't want to see them fall out of them. we have central air so they are ok, and when they want fresh air, I let them out on the screened in front porch (supervised of course.)
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We have two window perches for Jamie (13 lbs.), and they hold him just fine. Both are in front of windows that we don't open, so he isn't sleeping in a draft, but next to windows secured with "cat nets" that he can't bust through, which is the case with regular screens. That's hard to picture, I know - we have a double window in the kitchen, and a triple window in the LR.
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My cat loves her window perch, she sleeps there and I heard that cats love the feeling of being suspended in the air which she seems to love. We also always keep that window closed.
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