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Mr. Imsadi pics (Siamese)

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My chocolate boy

My favorite hobby, laying in the sun

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For Itty Bitty, Binky and Aura pics also see Fur Pictures and videos only
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What a gorgeous boy!
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He's gorgeous! I love slinky meezers.
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Lovely boy.
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He is gorgeous!
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WOW! Gorgeous!!
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The Siamese that is trying so hard to bring me over to the modern Siamese look. He is elegant and refined looking. Of course for me the main thing about Siamese is their personalities and the vast majority of them have that whether they are Modern, Classic, or Traditional.
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Oh my he is just so pretty! His eyes are lovely. What an adorable kitty!
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He looks so relaxed its making me sleepy!
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Imsadi looks regal as always.. such a handsome boy
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What a nose!... Very regal looking. I guess we know who's in charge.
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So beautiful! I love the ones where he looks like he's smiling
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I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Modern Siamese, but Imsadi certainly is a handsome specimen of that breed and could easily turn one into a fan.

He really is beautiful and I certainly never tire of seeing his gorgeous face!
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