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Inflatable Churches?

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Just watched this on CNN in Russia, there is a man who makes inflatable cathedrals. Full size, comes with an inflatable organ too- I am NOT making this up! He says no women can come in wearing high heels, but that is the only restriction.

If there is a high wind, do you think the parish members reach Heaven?

He is also going to make inflatible synagogues pretty soon as well.
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Ah come on MA...you've gotta be making this stuff up!
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Someone sent me the email w/ this story. It had the link to the newspaper page and everything!!!!!

What is going to be next??
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inflatable churches
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Jeesh...that was a interesting church! Just the place I'd want to get married at!
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It wouldn't be the first internet hoax that seemed real. If it were on an actual newspaper, I might believe it.
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CNN reporter went inside the church so I don't think it is a hoax?
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Some people are way creative.
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It's definately not a hoax - it was on TV here (England) a couple of days ago. Everything is inflatable including the organ and the pews; and yes, you will be able to get married in them. The link is: www.inflatablechurch.com
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Seems plausible enough actually - I've seen these kind of inflatable structures before. They make them for kids and fill them up with baloons (not church shaped, but more along the castle theme). Pretty expensive, but maybe not as expensive as building or renting a hall
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LOL! That is Hilarious! It looks like a "Moonwalk" -- I used to rent moonwalks when Eric was little for his birthday party. I wonder if there is an inflatable alter in there?

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It's defintely real. I saw it on the TV a few days ago here.

As well as high heels, not cats allowed!!!! (or mice for that matter).

Never mind poor as a church mouse - mice living near one of these will be as homeless as churchmice!!!!!
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....Probably would deflate their little ego, too.

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I've never heard of such a thing. Its pretty cool, though!
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Oh my gosh that's nuts!
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