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RIP Kate

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Today was my shelter day. As I feared, Kate, the 14-year-old dilute tortie point siamese who came down with a URI passed away.

She was put in the shelter by her "loving family" because their child was supposedly suddenly allergic to her. They had owned her since she was a kitten. She had slept on their beds, cuddled on their laps, and they put her in the shelter, knowing it was not a no-kill shelter and knowing that her health was delicate.

RIP, Kate, you were a sweetie to me, even if you had a reputation of being a little grumpy.

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That's rough. I am so sorry. I don't understand how people can just get rid of a pet they've had for years. The seniors break my heart.

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Those types of stories break my heart.....I hate making that type of call at the shelter here.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Kate. Those people didn't deserve your love for 14 years.
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Why do people do that?

Rest In Peace Kate
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Run free, Kate. I don't get people like that, either.
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RIP Kate
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That is so sad! Rest in Peace Katie.
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It is so sad when these things happen with people ... I just don't understand them. RIP sweet little Kate.
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RIP sweet Katie.
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You may be gone for now, sweet Lady Kate, but you will not be forgotton dear girl.
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Rest in peace, pretty girl
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Play happily over RB, sweet Kate...I am so sorry that you were betrayed so must have heard the angels calling you Home
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So much for a loving family

Play happily at the bridge you precious girl. Theres lots of love and affection waiting for you there

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Had I known she was that ill, I could have brought her home and nursed her back to health, possibly.

However, her other health issues probably made this outcome inevitable.



Five thousand days
I slept on your bed
Ate under your table
Lounged on your couch
Played with your fingers
Purred on your lap
Dozed in your sunshine
Frolicked with your catnip
Watched out your windows.

You took my claws
But I never complained.
I never use them.
Not in anger.

Now, when I'm old
Slowing down
Going blind
Getting grumpy
You left me with strangers
Without a backward glance.

After only 7 days,
I'm gone to the bridge.

Was that all
We owed each other?

Was that the best
You could do?
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I was one of those children with sudden allergies to cats. It really is awful to live with when you're young and they can come on quickly.

Unlike the folks who dropped off Katie though, I wasn't about to give up any of my 6 cats

Rest in peace sweet little angel. and to mrblanche for taking such good care of her while she was with you!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Those people didn't deserve your love for 14 years.
I totally agree.

Poor sweet Kate, we at TCS remember and love you. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge, darling, you are one of ours
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Play happily, Kate. Look up a couple of torties named Sarah and Sassy - they'll show you around
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