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Cat Asthma?

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Hi all. I have a fairly new kitty in my home who is about a year old. His name is Quigley. When he came to us, he had an URI which we treated with Clavamox. It went away but then came back again about a month later. We treated with Clavamox at that time as well. That is also when we found out he was FeLV+. Lately, he has been doing this weird "coughing" thing. At first I thought it was hairballs but it sounds much deeper and I'm starting to get concerned about it. He has also started sneezing again. Any idea what this might be? I'm wondering if it might be asthma. I plan on treating him with L-lysine to see if I can help with the sneezing. He eats Evo wet and Science Diet dry. He gets a supplement of DMG once a day. He eats well, plays well and uses the box fine.

When I originally took him to the vet, he had an x-ray done, my vet said his heart was a bit enlarged but nothing else out of the ordinary. He has had blood work done as well...that is how we found out about the FeLV. Any ideas or suggestions?
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I have a cat with asthma and that doesnt sound like asthma.
He could be coughing from the enlarged heart.
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My cat, Tom did that SAME hairball cough thing. He would "hugh, hugh hugh" and nothing ever came out. I could hear him wheezing and the congestion in his lungs

We were told it was a respiratory thing and probably asthma, he was given antibiotics and a shot too. Went home he did better for about aweek. SInce I am a Respiratory Therapist, I have a human nebulizer (don't think it would be different for a pet? LOL) at home along with albuterol for it. My vet said to give him treatments, blow the mist to his mouth and nose, about every 2-4 hours to help him breathe better.

This went on for about a month. Tom NEVER got completely better, he actually got worse. This all started in June, September 24th he had to be put down. He could no longer breathe well, constant congestion and was absolutely terrible. He spent the last months in such agony, I am sad. He was FeLV negative, by the way, so that was not an issue.

It turned out that this was lung cancer. The vet said that per his last x-ray, he could tell and by his physical exam that Tom had many tumors in his abdominal area and most likely his lungs and there was NOTHING we could have done.

I spent over 1000.00 trying to get my Tom better, and it was not meant to be

What I hope by telling you this is not to make you sad or lose hope, PLEASE try everything. But make sure that your bady doesn't suffer a much as I let Tom. That was the worst part. I was thinking more of how much I would miss him than how much he was in pain.

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Coughing but no hairball is a definite sign of asthma, although I'm sure coughs have other causes, as the other posts suggest.

I have a cat who suffers from asthma. When I first brought him in, the vet took an x-ray, and it didn't show any obvious signs of damage. This may be because he's young (only two years old), and the asthma isn't severe. Anyway, if your cat is diagnosed, there are a number of people here with the same problem who can offer advice.

I don't know a lot about FeLv+ kitties, but there are certainly members here who do. Maybe they can tell you whether they have also observed these symptoms.
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Well, my two cats (ive had one for almost a year and the other almost two) do occasionaly sound congested and cough, but rarely.

They have been to the vet numerous times (i was a nervous kitty meowmy!) and have a clean bill of health. I was told they might have allergies, but most likely its just the strain of maoving somewhere new, and it went away.

when you are stressed out , they know it, so dont worry over things you cant control. if in doubt seek a second opinion.
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Two of my cats had recurring "coughing" attacks, and it turns out that they have the dry form of FIP. My vet put them on Interferon, and they are both doing well on the treatment. You may want to consider asking your vet about this.
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