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Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Denise and I adopting my first kitten! Currently I have 3 dogs and 6 chinchillas. I am moving in with my boyfriend in June and we have decided to adopt a little kitten, since the dogs are staying home with our mom's. She is the most precious thing i have ever seen. I was never a big "cat person" until i saw her on petfinder.com. She is the cutest thing ever.. I have had dogs all my life and don't really know too much about kittens and cats. I belong to a chinchilla forum and learned so much there, I hope this site can help me learn more about cats as Mya (my kitten) grows.

Here are pictures of her.. she doesn't come home for another 4-5 weeks since she is still so young and still being bottle fed.
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one more
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Oh my goodness! Look at that little face!!!!

Oh, sorry, cuteness overload!

Welcome to the site Denise! Just to let you know, your life will change forever when your baby Mya comes home. It's a good thing, though.

There is so much information here (and another Chinchilla owner too! Check out her post in The Cat Lounge called "My Babies are One Month Old"). Kudos to you for educating yourself before Mya's arrival. We have lots of fun here, too. Many of us are full fledged Cat Site Addicts, and we wouldn't change it for anything!

Have fun, learn lots, and definitely ask anything you need to. We all started out as first time kitty mommies at one time or another.
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Welcome! I KNOW you will love it here!!!
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Welcome ... and congratulations on getting your first kitty! She will make such a wonderful addition to your family.
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Welcome Denise! Mya is ADORABLE! I agree with Heidi - cuteness overload! Before I brought my Spike home, I wasn't much of a cat person either... how quickly things change! I hope you enjoy your time here and join our club of TCS addicts!
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Mya is gorgeous!! , Welcome To The Cat Site and do lots of posting , Come meet us in the Spam thread if you ever get bored , and remember HAVE FUN!! That's why your here , Sam
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Thank you all for making me feel so welcome!!!!! After reading through some posts, i know i'll be making lots of friends!
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I love you Kitten, she's the cutest little creature!!! :pinky:
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Welcome Aboard Denise! Ditto on the Cuteness Overload!!

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