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Stage Two CRF

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I'm writing this on behalf of my co-worker.

Her kitty, Whiskers, had an episode early last week where she suddenly jumped straight into the air, hissing and spitting, and continued bouncing around. When Kim tried to comfort her, Whiskers lashed out at her. Whiskers doesn't bounce, she doesn't jump, and she's usually a very laid back cat. She's 9 years old, lazy (it's just her personality, she never has shown much interest in toys and playing, even as a little one), pretty round but not extremely obese.

Kim took her to the vet on Friday where she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Kidney Failure. The vet didn't use the term CRF, but as soon as she told me the diagnosis, I knew that's what it was. She gave Kim Amoxicillan because she thinks there's an underlying infection, and a potassium supplement for Whiskers.

Whiskers has lost 2 pounds since her last vet visit, which was sometime last year. She has had a good appetite even this weekend, and is eating the prescription food (both wet and dry) well. She has been having litterbox issues off and on for a couple months. Since it wasn't persistent and started right after Kim lost Angel to feline asthma, we (and her vet too) wondered if it was a behavioral/grief/heirarchy thing.

Whiskers is so lethargic and uninterested in things around her, Kim is wondering if it's time to consider the decision. She doesn't want Whiskers to suffer.

I gave her some links, and I looked at the sticky but it's SO long that I don't think she'll want to wade through it all.

Any advice, stories of your own cats' with CRF, anything that could help her right now? I'll be printing this out for her later.

Thank you!
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Do you know what her numbers are from the blood tests?
Do not have her pts.
There are alot of treatments for crf.
Has she started sub q's?
There are three kinds of Renal Foods.
Coco is my 2nd Crf cat.
You can have her ask the vet about what Coco is taking.
It could help her cat.
Has her cat been checked for high bp?
She takes Aluminum Hydroxide Dried Gel Powder USP, Gallipot, 500 gram Jar and compounded Pepcid A/C.
I am getting thisfrom the vet today.
What other questions does she have?
My Stripe had other treatments also.
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A big ,big ... What is the cat eating... Kandie was mid stage two at diagnosis and thru diet and a few whole food supplements stayed there for four yrs ... IMHO I avoided with the help of my vet most drugs outside antibiotics for the infections with Kandie
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It's far, far too soon to be thinking PTS!

First, she needs to address the underlying UTI. The antibiotics can make the kitty lethargic, cause inappetence, etc., just as much as the CRF can.

It would be helpful if you could post the bloodwork results, with the lab reference ranges. I'm assuming that her cat has low potassium, hence the potassium supplement. Usually, by the time potassium becomes an issue, there are other things that need to be addressed also, such as elevated serum phosphorus levels, metabolic acidosis, anemia, and/or dehydration. SubQ fluids can help enormously to make Whiskers feel better. She should discuss this with her vet ASAP. If anemia is the problem (anemia can cause profound lethargy), Epogen is truly a wonder drug. I can't say enough good things about it! In one month, it raised my parents' cat, Samson's, hemoglobin from a critical low of 3.6, back to a normal 12.2.

Please tell your friend that there are many ways to help Whiskers manage this bump in the road. I'd be happy to PM you my e-mail address, if your friend would like to 'chat' with me. I've (unfortunately) got lots of experience with CRF (Cleo, Maggie, Spooky, Samson, and my sister's cat, Billy), and am pretty knowledgable about the different treatment options available, that she can discuss with her vet.

Good luck to you, your friend, and, most of all...Whiskers!

P.S. On a positive note...Cleo was diagnosed with CRF when she was 6 months old, when the vet did pre-op blood work for her spay surgery. Cleo will be 9 years old in May. CRF can be managed!!!
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I forgot to sale my Coco has had ecoli infections on and off for over 2 years.
She also has asthma.
There are alot of treaments for crf.
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Thank you so much for your input. I've printed out your responses for her to read.
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I just wanted to update, although it's not a good one.

Kim and her daughter have made the decision to help Whiskers cross the Bridge tomorrow. Whiskers was given sub-q fluids at the vet and they really didn't help much, and they also found a heart murmur. But more than that, she's not responding to the meds, she barely moves, has no interest in food and completely rejects it even when Kim has tried to force feed her, and is losing weight rapidly. But most of all, she's given up. She's just lost the will to fight, and has that look in her eyes.

Maybe if they had found it sooner they could have helped her. But Whiskers has no quality of life, and although it's the hardest decision for Kim it is the best for Whiskers.

Thank you for your help...I wish we could have known much sooner.
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That's sad, Heidi, but it does sound as if they are making the right decision. I know you'll take the condolences of this community to Kim and her daughter.
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I'm so very sorry about Whiskers. I wish they could have found it sooner. I have a 16 year-old who was diagnosed with a heart murmur 2 years ago and CRF a year ago. I got some good opinions from another member and have been trying to see if it helps Tedi.

I can completely understand what your co-worker is going through. If she is at the point where she isn't responding to anything, it may be difficult to try and get her to a point where she can start responding.

Please keep us posted. It is always very heartbreaking to read when cats are at that stage of CRF.
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I lost a few cats to arf and Stripe to crf.
I know how your friend is feeling because Stripe and Stormy were pts.
I also have a 17 year old crf cat now.
Tell you friend I am sorry about her cat.
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Please pass on my condolences too Heidi.

RIP Whiskers.
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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. Please send my condolences their way.
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