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Job Search help

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Does anyone know any good sites where I can find listings for jobs in the midwest for people with a degree in Mathematics. I'm going to be graduating in December and I want to get a head start on the job hunt. I know its kind of a long shot to find something here but I thought I might as well ask.
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What do you want to do? Are you finishing your B.S. ? I think it's best to find resources at your university's division of professional practice. Like co op or internships you can do before you graduate. They are really good at finding things for you, getting you interviews and it's there for you only while you are a student so you really should take advantage of it. I will be graduating in 2010 and I haven't looked for anything yet, but I really want to teach and I don't think I can find a teaching job until I actually graduate..
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Ideally I want to teach but seeing how I won't have a teaching license when I graduate that isn't possible. And more schooling isn't possible right now either, its either graduate in December or pretty much drop out.

I really don't care what I do as long as its in the Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, U.P. Michigan area and its non-governmental. I can't really do an internship because there is nothing with in 60 miles of here that offers internships to math students and i'm not really willing to move for just the summer and then move back to finish up my degree.

I will be stopping in the career center here on campus soon...once I find the time and I will see what they can suggest. I was just hoping I could find a website that has a list of companies in the states listed that have been known to employ people with math degrees because I have no clue what I can even go into with my degree, as I was planning on teaching when I became a math major.

I know of 1 place around here(about 60 miles away) that I want to interview with but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak. I want to have a few fall back positions lined up just in case my dream job falls though. The problem is I have a REALLY low GPA so people aren't really going to be jumping at the opportunity to employ me.
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Well there is, but i'm sure that thousands of search engines will show up when you type in job search in google. The problem is, most of them will not be updated and have old listing because there may not have been enough new listing due to the recession..Like I was looking at one and it had listings for home depot from a while ago, I know for sure home depot isn't hiring they just laid off so many people. Why can't you have a teaching license? Is there not enough time for you to get one until December?
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my GPA is to low to get into the school of education here and it takes 2 years to get one though the school. Well really its meant to do along with your 4 year course work so it really takes 4 but since most of my course work is already done(only need about 14 more credits) it would probably only take about 2 years.

And I've been doing lots of google searches but I can't find anything. Half the sites are from early 2000's(like 2005 and before) and most of them are filled with dead links. I went on the MAA(mathematical association of America) site but couldn't find much there either.
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Hopefully the economy will be coming back by next December.

Have you thought about actuarial work, in the insurance industry?

Actually, many schools will hire math teachers without credentials, on the understanding they'll work on them after being hired. This is especially true of metropolitan schools.
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I've actually thought about maybe doing some substitute teaching but I don't know if thats going to be a stable enough income to support my self on. I was really hoping to stay away from big cities but it looks like thats where I'm going to have to go to find work...which sucks because I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and I HATE living in populated area's like that.

The one job I want to look into offers about 40-60k starting salery so that will be good, but I want to have other jobs lined up just in case it doesn't work out.
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Try Craiglist for job listings...

Also, look at the after-school teaching/tutoring centers. I taught at Sylvan for a while, but there are a few others now. Sylvan, last i heard, was wanting incoming tutors to have their teaching certificate. When I started there, they didn't. I could, if I chose, pick up at one around here. Heck, I even got offered a post at one here just going in for my GRE's, and mentioning i used to work for other centers. I said I'd think about it. Hmmm... Maybe I should reconsider...

It's teaching experience, maybe not in front of a classroom, but it's experience. And you get to learn a LOT about patience. You're dealing with mostly troubled kids who are having issues in school. I had a tough time as well, so I knew where they were coming from.

Craigslist job pages are a decent resource. I've found more listings there than any of the major sites. is another site (I got an interview off of there once)... mostly for credentialled teachers, but some other stuff as well. And do check with your on campus job center... that's what they're there for.

Good luck!

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That's a really good idea. I posted an ad on craigslist a while ago that I was available for tutoring for a few hours per week, and got 2-3 responses in just 1 day!
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I recommend networking, try a site like
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