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whats your favorite part of each cat??

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probably sounds like a wierd question but let me explain:

Sabastian- My fave part on sabastian is his pink nose! its adorable!

Nipper- My fave part on nipper is his belly.

Princess- My fave part on princess is that little tiny mouth! i can watch her eat over and over again, as she picks up and chews one crunchy at a time.
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pepe it's his toes! lol their pink and black
Tiger it's his mouth lol he has the cutest little mouth ever!!
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I love Cleo's coat, the colors are gorgeous. I also love her little pink and black toes....they look like Good & Plenty candies!

I love Maggie's tail, it's so fluffy!

I love Lola's chartreuse green eyes.
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I love their paws! So neat and small! Mya has a tiny pink nose that looks like she has eyeliner around it.
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Maisie has to be her front paws They are just like teddy bear paws.

Sooty Not sure yet. His paws are great big clod hoppers so not that cute
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I love Lucky's fluffy tail, and Gus's furrry toes
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I love Toby's little nose. It's reddish-pink with a black outline on the edges.
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I love Nora's nose. It is pink with black spots on it. I think it is adorable! (her toes are like that too! lol)

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That's a hard question!

For Chynna I would have to say it was a tie between her toes and her face.

For Abby it's definitely her tummy! She loves to lay against me and have rub her tummy
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I love both my girls' sweet faces, but I especially love Callie's speckled ears and Hannah's little white mitts on her front paws.
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Gotta be Pandora's white socks. I asked her once "How do you keep your socks so white?" She responded by jumping up in our dishwasher!

Thor has a small patch of white on his chest, like a little badge. I tell him they missed that spot when they were making him, and make a big fuss out of it. That's his favorite "scratch spot" too
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Hmmmm this is difficult!! I love so many things about my kitties!

I guess if I have to pick just one thing for each it would be:

Bodhi - his extremely fluffy soft fur

Siddha - his big round eyes
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hmm.... Pixel's skunk stripe; Java's pink nose; Cable's 'makeup' - eyeliner, noseliner, mascara streaks; Chip's white 'bikini' in an otherwise black coat; Firefox's orange 'blaze'.
really, their different purrsonalities, tho.
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My favorite part of Mulder is his tail and Spooky I think are his pretty gold eyes!
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Sophia: Her nose
Severino: His eyes
Joey: His mouth
Lucia: Her eyeliner
Mario: His eyes
Pepino: His face/nose, he loves kisses on his nose
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Cute thread idea!

Pushy- I love his big fluffy belly. It's so good to bury my face into and snorgle.
Wiggies- his little chinny chin chin. He always sleeps with his face turned up and his chin exposed. I just love to come along and kiss it and wake him up.
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My favorite part of both Tailer and Forest is their tails. They have such different personalities, and their tails and how they use them differently is so reflective of each of them.
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I love Mizzy markings/ colour of her face, and her lovely green eyes.
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My favorite part of Coco is, well, everything!
If I had to choose, it would be her eyes. She looks adorable, especially when she's looking up at me for another treat. I can't look directly in her eyes when she's begging-her eyes make me give her whatever she wants!
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My favorite part of Trent is....Trent! OK, that's not fair, I know. It has to be his big, round bright eyes.

Ophelia is easy - her little fairy ears.

Ginger Cookie is her little, dainty mouth.

Mojo is her whisker pads. She has such short, sleek fur and when she is excited or playing and her whiskers are out, they are like two little round, black pom-poms on the side of her nose.

Annie is her nose. She has a tri-colored nose - pink, black and tan.
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Hmm I love everything about my cats!!

JuneBug--- i love the spots on her bellie very cute and fluffy!
PoohBear--- I love her coloring but its mostly her personality i love about her.
ManCake---- He has the cutest pink nose!! And his paw pads are still pink!
Chunky Monkey---she has a very unique coloring and her face is soo fluffy looking.
Mazie----I love her bellie too, its curly!
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Maia has many beautiful physical attributes that are often subject of love attacks!
Like her belly....

Her black paws.....
Her face.......
her everything!
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^ that is exactly what JuneBugs tummy looks like!!!
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my favourite bits of the boys are the Cat Shaped Bits

or more exact on Indy I love his ears, so expressive, Misha I love his coat
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
^ that is exactly what JuneBugs tummy looks like!!!
Tummies like these soooo deserve raspberries!
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
Tummies like these soooo deserve raspberries!

Exactly!! I try telling Junebug that but she doesnt listen!
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Her cute little nose
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Marilyn-She is a beautiful cat, I love her coat color, and he coat.
Katie-I love her polydactyl claws!
Morris-I love his color!
Bubbles-I have to say,I don't think cats are ugly..but shes not very good looking lol
Rocky-His markings are very unique
Scooby-His lizard lips lol (that is what my mom calls them!)
Barry-His lard...
Lola-Her markings, and color. I love mostly white cats with gray spots.
Lasagna-His maine!
Spam-His color! I love buff cats!
Chad-I love everything about him, except the way he sprays.
Pebbles-I love silver tabbies!
Paris-Everything about her!
Melvin-i love that he is so huge!
Jack-Everyone says he is so unique! A male tri-color cat! He is gorgeous!
Barney-His eye. He is blind in one eye, but its very weird looking.
Gregory-Hes so tiny!
London-His head starts off with black stripes, and then they turn into brownish gold stripes!
Annabelle-He coat, he color, her size!
Wolfy-She is a beautiful dilute tortie, and has an AMAZING coat texture, like a rex rabbit
Monkey-His size..and lard. He has flab hanging from his side, and I make fun of it
Margaret-Her unique markings and colors.
Rudiger-He is just beautiful!
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Rusty, her pink little nose!

Dusty, her crooked tail with the hook at the tip!
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I love Larry's soft fur on the underside of his neck.....under his chin, on the way to his chest. It's so soft and silky! When I pick him up, he automatically lifts his head up so I can stick my face in his neck.....all the while he's purring like crazy.
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