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Have any of you...

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ever read "Tailchaser's Song" written by Tad Williams?

I'm currently reading this book, and I'm finding it quite fascinating. It's about cats.. as a matter of fact, so far there hasn't been a single human in the book. These cats can talk and have their own language of sorts (the squirrels are called "Rikchikchik"). They also have ceremonies, and songs and stories they tell through-out the book while on their Journey.

I'm having a blast with it, and I definitely wanted to share it with you guys If anyone wants to read it when I'm done.. I'll be more than happy to mail it over
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I've owned this book, for years and have read it at least three times.
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Sounds cool , But I haven't read it!
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I love this book! In fact Tad Williams is one of my fave authors. I am currently reading his latest - a 685 page book called The War of the Flowers.
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Wow, sounds very interesting, Cassandra. i would really appreciate if you could pass it to me after? i will pm you my mailing address. That is, if you don't mind?

i am currently reading "Death in the Air" - globalism, terrorism & toxic warfare by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and "Egypt" - walk in the shadows of the pharaohs by Andrew Humphreys and Siona Jenkins.

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I read something by Tad William's but at the moment the book, or series in this case escapes me. I know it wasn't about cats . This one sounds interesting, I will check it out. Thanks for the Rec .
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I have had Tailchasers's Song for years, but I still haven't got around to reading it.
I was trying to read Tad William's saga Sorrow, Memory and Thorn, but I got stuck in part 1 of To Green Angel Tower.
I love fantasy, but at the time it was a little too confusing for me and it put me off Tad Williams.
But that was years ago, so maybe I should give Tailchaser's Song another go.

Right now I am reading "The Golden Cat" by Gabriel King.
It is a sequel to "The Wild Road". In both books the cats are the most important characters, but there are magpies and foxes as wel.
The humans are either evil or plain stupid
In fact the main cat-character would refer to his humans as "my Dulls"
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A great fantasy series with a cat in it is by Tanya Huff called Summon the Keeper and the 2nd book is called The Second Summoning. It is based in Ontario. The cat has a very sarcastic sense of humour.
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I'll definitely keep an eye out for it - it's sometimes hard to get English-language books here. My favorite books from a cat's perspective (available in English) are by a Turkish-German author, Akif Pirincci: "Felidae", "Francis", "Cave Canum", and "The Duel". Francis is a cynical "cat detective" who finds himself investigating and solving murders in his home territory of Bonn, Germany. I can really recommend them! "Felidae" was also an animated film.
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Okay, I've had two people ask me to send them the book "Tailchaser's Song" after I got done with it, so I'll send it to one of you and once that person is done just send it on to the next. Once everyone has read it, then it can be mailed back to me. That is if it doesn't die in the chain and get lost somewhere. Either way.. it was only like $10 and I can rebuy it no problem !

So, after I'm done it goes to DragonLady, and then DragonLady is to send it to GurlPower from what I understand.

I'm about 3/4 way through. Haven't had much spare reading time lately. I'll try to squeeze some more in tonight before I go to sleep and work a double tomorrow. Weee.

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Cass, it sounds like a great book. I'm a bit too far away for you to send it Down Under but I'll have a look at the library. Thanks for letting us know about it!
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Thanks Cassandra. i think i will get a copy possibly next week. Happy reading Cassandra and Teresa!!

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Just finished reading it, found a copy on www.half.com for about $3. It was great, loved it! I want my BF to read it now so I have someone I can talk with about the book. He's still reading Thomasina by Paul Gallico (the book that inspired the Disney Movie the 3 Lives of Thomasina, and the book is WAY better than the movie!), so that's next on his list!
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