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Little update with questions and of course pics :)

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Well Little is going to be 1 month old on tuesday. His weight is about was 12.8 ounces when I weighted him yesterday. He has been on albon and benebac for about 3-4 days now and while he still has diarrhea it is beginning to firm up a bit. He is eating like a piggie and getting playful.

A few questions I have..I know that he is getting to the age where my reaction to him is going to start effecting his behavior. How do I react when he plays rough with my hand? Do I need to do anything more than take my hand away and redirect him to a toy? Also how do I start teaching him to use a litterbox? I know that one might be a few weeks away yet. I do not want to raise one of those bottle kittens that grows into a holy terror.

At what age do I start introducing baby food? Will any type work? We use gerber 2nd foods meat flavor baby food at the clinic, is that suitable?

Here are a few new pics

Having a snuggle with Hodges the beanie baby

Beating up Hodges the beanie baby lol
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He is SOOOO cute

When he plays rough, stop and hiss at him. And tell him NO in a sharp tone of voice.

The litter pan will be a hit/miss thing for awhile, but I would put some of his poop and pee (on a tissue) in the litter box. Use a shallow tinfoil pan for a litter box for a few weeks so he can get in and out easy. You might have to take his paws and help him dig/cover at first.

With feeding you can start now to introduce him to kitten food (canned). Make it soupy with KMR and hot water and see if you can get him a little interested. I would not give him human baby food - I'd stick to cat food - its better for him. Make is a thicker soup on your fingers.
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I have no experience with baby kittens, so I can't help you there. I just have to comment on how oh-so-adorable Little is. Good luck with him!
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I'm not sure if this is possible for you, but the very best way to ensure that Little grows up as normal and well behaved as possible is to get him a "littermate" about his age. When he's about 6 weeks old, you may want to consider getting another kitten his age so he can wrestle, learn to interect with other cats, and be taught to "play nice" and other essential stuff for proper developement. However, if thats out of the question, you will have to spend a lot of time teaching Little the basics of good kitty behavior and sort of take the place of his mom and littermates. Its important that you take time to play with his toys with him so he can exercise and have fun, and correct him when he nips you or tries to wrestle with your feet/hands by scruffing him and than giving him time to get the message. (like mom cat would do.) It may look or sound harsh, but I've raised my share of kittens, and they've never once swat at me, or grabbed or bit my hands/feet. It works if you're consistant.
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I think this post needs a cuteness warning!
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Ohhhhhh he is such a sweetie. he has grown a lot. With Lucky I pulled my hand a way and hissed. The litterbox was no issue I put her in she used it, she has never had an accident. Food was an issue! she was very attached to her bottle. She was nine weeks before she would touch food. I tried every thing. She loved her bottle.
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Oh my GOD! How cute is this little guy!!! WOW - this thread DOES need a cuteness warning!!
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well he woke up from a nap this evening and his eyes were stuck shut with crusties? I wiped them with a tissue and warm water and they came right open, but I wonder if he is getting a URI? He stays in a back kennel away from the sick guys at work but growing up in a vet clinic its hard to protect him from all the germies. I work tomorrow so I will have the doctor look at him.

Also I have been letting him sleep on my bed when I am there to watch him so he can start living outside of his box. How well can he regulate his body temp? I leave him wrapped in a blanket or towel but I don't put his gel packs under him for warmth.

A littermate is not doable unfortunately, but my bengal is 4 going on 6 months so I know she will be more than thrilled to finally have a youngin to play with instead of the stuffy old boys who just want to lay around all day
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I can't help much in the kitten raising dept. as I'm also on my 1st attempt with a rescued orphan, but just wanted to say gosh what an adorable fuzzball you've got there.
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My gosh, he is just adorable!
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