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My latest project

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Just finished up the guitar, now I have to finish the instructions!

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WOW, very neat.
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I don't know anything about guitars, but it's very pretty. And unusual.
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Woohoo! An 18-stringer! That's a real beauty.
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Thanks. I've been assembling guitar kits for a guy selling the kits who doesn't have any instructions.

This is the second double-neck I've done for him. The wiring is the problem with most buyers.
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nice axe my friend! i have never had a 12 string although i have considered getting one, twin necks, i have not had a use for though lol!

here is my pair of guitars, and my 1/2 stack, i have got to trim the cab to match the head still, but sounds gorgeous!

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Well, the first problem is they're heavy. The second problem with any 12-string is keeping it in tune. The first double-neck I assembled for him was an imitation of the Gibson SG double, like Jimmy Paige played.

But there is a group whose sound was dependent on a 12-string: The Byrds.

And you've doubtless heard "Hotel California," which has a solo in it on a double-neck 12/6 string. In fact, a double solo, with Joe Walsh playing, too. The intro is on the 12-string.

Hotel California
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yes i am aware of hotel california, and the tuning problems with 12 strings,

i think i'll stick to 6 strings lol, its all stevie ray had, so its good enough for me lol.

i have never assembled a guitar from a kit, but i have stripped them and altered things, or re-painted them, i have one of mine in bits at the minute as i am "relic-ing" it, and the other i just fitted a set of fender texas special pick-ups in it, sweeeeeeeeet!
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