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Any recommendations for good cat harness?

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I would like to start taking Toby outside on a leash when the weather is good. I bought a harness, but it's the figure-8 kind and I thought I remember someone on here mentioning cats can slip out of that type when they're scared. Does anyone have any suggestions of a harness that the cat can't get out of?

This isn't the brand I got, but his harness looks similiar to this style:
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I've had luck with Lupine harnesses:
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I think pretty much any "roman" style harness would work well for you. I used harnesses on my four "big kids" when I moved from MA to NC.

My Ferris is so big that on him I had to use a harness meant for a small breed dog. I wound up using the Signature adjustable harnesses by AspenPet for all of them.
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I use Roman style dog harnesses, they sit in a V down the chest not around the neck like normal cat harnesses.
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Thanks everyone those look like they'll work better than what I have.
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I used the Foster & Smith products with good results for my late Casey. He was a petite brown tabby boy. But my Buddy is much longer and leaner and he easily escaped this type, so I will try the other type now. Thanks for the recommendation!
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If you find one that actually works, I'd like to know. My cats basically walk out of the figure 8 style. As for the others, I think they could teach Houdini a thing or two.
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I've been looking at the harnesses at Target made for dogs. I have yet to get myself to actually buy one yet, though. I bought one of these a while ago, and recently tried it on Nora, but she got scared and started running around like crazy and got the leash stuck under a leg on a chair and almost strangulated herself. I was even sitting right there watching her, and it happened so fast! I wouldn't recommend that kind. lol
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I have one of the walking jackets like ARLYN suggested above. Kody hated the regular harness (& he could get out of it.) When I put the walking jacket on him, I thought he would act crazy and paranoid like he did with the harness, but he barely acts like he notices it.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post

This one looks good - I'll purchase one for Ku Ku.

I've alreayd tried 2 different kinds(strap & the one for small dog) but Ku Ku did not like any of them. She escaped from the strap, so I guess this is no-no.
Then, I tried the other kind on her, she totally "freezes" and could not even move at all
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