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Anna, you must be on the Pittsburgh side of the state. When I was in college, we used to argue about soda or pop with the western PA crowd.

I rarely drink soda, I prefer flavored water, or plain water. Soda seems to make me thirstier. When I do drink soda, I prefer orange sodas, and diet Mountain Dew is pretty good.

Between Coke and Pepsi, I like Pepsi.
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I can't believe Pepsi is so outnumbered! It is so much better than coke! We have an ongoing debate here, I am a Pepsi fan, Tybalt is a coke drinker. Whoever does the food shopping determines what we will be drinking that week. He also drinks (yuck!) Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi!
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Mountain Dew Code Red.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Mountain Dew Code Red.
I haven't had the nerve to try that. WHat flavor is it?
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I am a fan of Pepsi! Can't stand coke products. I guess it's the sugar buzz thing that keeps me going to the Pepsi. My absolute Fave Pepsi product. "Wild Cherry Pepsi" That is the one that gets my motor running
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Anybody else ever have Pepsi Kona? It was a coffee cola they test marketed a few years back, I loved it but I guess it didn't do well, they stopped making it.
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Hey Tybalt, I knew there was a reason I liked you! Coca Cola forever!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I haven't had the nerve to try that. WHat flavor is it?
Kind of like a cherry flavor.. but tastes like Mountain Dew.
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Coke ALWAYS comes out on top

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man ole man was that alot of info about coke, i was a regular coke drinker and for some reason about 1 month ago i decided to jsut drink water, but after readng this im glad i did, if all this is true might explain why my bones hurt sometimes, i thought is was just the 40's setting in
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Hmmmm I think I'm a minority here but I'm a Diet Pepsi kinda woman! <cowering in corner>
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Originally posted by annabelle33
I now usually only drink water or once in a while coffee, but when I used to be a pop addict it was Pepsi all the way! And yes here we call it "pop" not "soda".. (don't laugh at me )
We call it pop in Utah too. One of my daughters just came back from living in Texas for 6 months and she says everyone there calls any kind of pop "Coke." She said they'd ask her "What kind of coke do you want." She'd say "coke" and they'd say "yeah, but what kind." LOL. Took a while for her to figure out even a grape shasta is a coke in Texas!
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We don't call it Soda or Pop here.

I just called this Soda Drinks, because you guys might of understood that better than what we call them Fizzy or Soft Drinks

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Vernor's! (it's a really spicy ginger ale)

or Pepsi Twist (lemony Pepsi), or Dr. Pepper (a Coca-Cola product).

Call me a fence-straddler if you must.
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My favorite is Mt. Dew, every now and then I drink Pepsi.
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Ted vote's for MT Dew!
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I don't like coke for one reason. It fizzes too much. I like to drink a soda, not swallow a mouthful of foam. Some people like ti that way. Pesonally I prefer Root Beer over all of the soda's mentioned, but I will drink just about any soda.
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Yes, but you see Sheral, COKE is beating Pepsi by 10 votes!
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Diet Pepsi is my drug of choice!
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I voted pepsi, because if i have to drink a non flavored drink its diet pepsi, but I do like the diet cherry and vanilla cokes..
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COKEAHOLICS! When I was a soda freak, it was always coke or diet coke or A&W rootbeer. I saw here one person mentioned Stewarts lemonlimecream soda, I love their orange cream flavored ones but they are expensive here. When I was little, I loved Dr. Pepper, during the pregnancy I craved it for a short while and then hated it after 2nd trimester. Now I can't even think of drinking any kind of soda except maybe Sprite.

About the post claiming the police have cokes, this is an old urbanlegend, visit the below link for it:

I haven't tried the vanilla coke and it seems to be good from some of ya saying you like it, so I will try one sometime this weekend
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arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh pepsi is catching up eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
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Bundaberg Ginger Beer. It's naturally brewed and it's soooooo yummy and the others don't come close in taste.
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Awwww! Haha mags we like/use alot of the same stuff, gotta love bundaberg my dad used to sell it at his restaurant.
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We are after all neighbours.
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brenda.. i just rechecked this post lol.. I'm south of pittsburgh, like way in the south west corner of the state, like really close to w.v... You live near philly then? I was considering moving out there..
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I like caffine free pepsi!
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Bump! For all your Fizzy Drink lovers!

Coke is still winning! na na na na na!!!

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