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A pooper/sprayer and leaker!!

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One of our cats (or some of them) are not pooping in the litter box, and instead on our hard wood floors in hte living room corner...And another pees in the laundry room. Now this doesnt happen all the time, but every so often. The litter is cleaned at least once if not twice a day and dump every week. Also we have a cat my June Bug who is a female but sprays things Any suggestions?? Thanks!
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How many litter boxes do you have? Rule of thumb is one for each cat plus one. If you have 3 cats, you should have 4 boxes.
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Also - are they all fixed?

Have you ever tested them for a UTI?
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ummm we have only one box for 5 cats im trying to convince my parents to get at least one more box, but they dont want to... All are fixed and what is UTI?
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You need more boxes - plain & simple. If there were 5 people in your house using 1 toilet being flushed once or twice a day - you would find it disgusting as well.

A UTI is a Urinary Tract Infection. My first thing would to be to get more boxes - like 4 more, if not 5 more.
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wow my parents are going to have a heart attack! lol i have no idea where we would keep that many boxes! I think they have been tested for that, i know my June Bug had one awhile back, but she wont ever use a kitty litter not since we ever got new cats, but she is outdoors a lot. Sometimes people wont put her out when she asks (she likes to go out, then 5 min later come in then 10min later go back out and so on! lol drives my parents crazy!). Guess I will have to buy her her own box lol

What would you suggest about the spraying? my June Bug will go up to the wall and do it in front of me, its really grosse. i heard its a bad habit htey learn and there isnt much we can do?
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I would re-test June Bug for a UTI, just to be sure. You can try things like Feliway (you can search the forums for more info on it). June Bug - do you think her spraying is a result of not liking the other cats?

Is she really spraying or is she peeing there? Spraying is back up to an object, tail erect to urine mark. Peeing is squatting to pee.
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She will back up to the object and her tail shakes a little, not much comes out but you can smell it and see the streaks. i have seen other cats do it in front of our house...naughty cats....and i am sure June Bug smells it and then leaves her mark. She actually has a vet visit in a week or so i think, i will have to see about getting another test done, she was on meds before (she hated them! lol poor girl was pink by the time the bottle was finished).
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Yep, she is spraying... Try to plug a feliway diffuser close to the place where she is spraying. It should help.
As far as the peeing and pooping goes, you need more litter boxes, no other way around it. I have 2 cats, 3 boxes, one bedroom apartment... They mainly use 2 boxes, and I will probably take the 3rd one out... Make sure the boxes are big too - I have a large sterilite container that is better and cheaper than any litter box on the market... Good luck! The rule of thumb is
# of boxes = # of cats + 1. So if you have 5 cats, you would have 6 litter boxes.... I would put at least 3 more... You can try to hide them away, and I am sure your mom will like having the boxes around better than pee and poop everywhere.
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Well, as others have said, the normal "rule of thumb" is one box for each cat, and one extra. That said, we have 3 boxes for our three cats.

HOWEVER, our cats are all neutered males, and they tend to be less territorial than females, believe it or not. Your June Bug may be trying to assert her territorial dominance. If she isn't neutered, she needs to be ASAP, but if she's fully adult, it may not solve the problem. Also, if there have been any recent changes in the cat population, such as a new female, that may have caused your problem.

With one litter box, it should be scooped every few hours. You wouldn't want to use an unflushed toilet being used by 4 other people all day, would you? And the cat's sense of smell is much better than yours! Much easier to have more boxes!
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All of our cats got spayed/neutered at the youngest age you can get it done. I think what you said about the new cats may cause her to do it because of dominance. We have had 3 new cats come in after JuneBug. I will try that plug in thing. As for kitty litter i told my parents and they dont believe me...i thinking of just buying some cheap boxes and the generic litter for now until they come to their senses! Thanks everyone for your advice!
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I spent some cash on litter boxes, but the BEST one I have, is a Sterilite storage box I bought at Big Lots for $6.00! It is big, got low sides (for under the bed storage), and makes a GREAT litter box... It is by far the cheapest and the best one I got... Try it - your mom will be impressed - I am pretty sure she wants this problem taken care of...
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Oh- I forgot about something... You can also try cat attract litter on your boxes (sorry, but still need to add a few boxes) !!!
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I think i will just go out and buy some cheap litter pans and fill em up when my parents arent home, then they can figure out what they want to do with them . That cat attract litter might be what my Junebug needs! I might put a small pan in my room just for her (well i hope she will use it!) Thanks for all the advice, I think we actually have a big lots here! lol i will have to check, if not I am making a trip to the dollar store!! Love that place! Its cheaper to just get more litter boxes so my Bug doesnt get another bladder infection and we have to fork up a few hundred bucks!!
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