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Should we adopt a kitten or an adult?

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Hubby and I are thinking about adding another cat to our brood this spring. We have a 6 1/2 year old neutered male cat and a large half-grown puppy who is very respectful of the cat. Its been a long time since my cat was a kitten and my mom did a lot of raising him, so I don't remember much about what living with a kitten is like. Hubby and I have opposite schedules, so someone is almost always home, but for a few hours overlap. I like the kitten idea, Hubby likes the adult cat idea, but neither of us is set on one or the other. Does anyone have any suggestions on whether a kitten or adult cat would be best to adopt?
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With older cats, bringing in an adult cat may cause problems. We have always brought in kittens to our older cats and over time they accept them (more ignore them lol). But in another sense when adopting, older cats (adults) have harder time getting homes which means they are more likely to be over looked. I hope this helps a little! And good luck with getting a new cat! My parents wont let us save any more . If I could I would have a whole farm full of rescued cats/horses/dogs.
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I guess I'd lean for young adult - still kitten behavior - minus the worst of the kitten stuff. Yes, it can be harder to bring in an adult cat, but I never recommend bringing in a single kitten (they often get bored when the adult cat can't keep up with them - and become destructive).
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I would first consider personality of the resident cat before getting another one. In my crew of 11, two definitely prefer that the others did not exist and on the other end, one who welcomes all felines with open arms. You will always encounter problems with newcomers, so it is always a good idea to keep them to a minimum.
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Kittens do need a lot more attention. Even the older ones. My boy was 7 months when I got him and he's still very much a kitten. Very playful, running around the house, always playing with something and wanting lots of interaction. I'm home a lot, so it's not a problem, but it is a lot different from an older cat that rests most of the day. You might want to ask the people who work at the place you adopt from to give their suggestions about which cats or kittens get along well with other cats and dogs. Some are okay with other pets and other need to be an "only cat." I think either a cat or older kitten would be okay, as long as you get one with a friendly, easy-going personality so they get along w/ your other pets.
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I've done both in the past. We had more problems bringing the adult cat in; but I 100% believe it is because she wasn't introduced properly and got scared by the dogs barking when we first brought her in the house. It's always taken some time for introductions and for things to smooth out; but it's always worked out in the end.

Whatever you decide; I know there are some really great threads on here about how to do introductions. I learned a lot from them I wish I'd known a long time ago!
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Thanks everyone for your replies Its looking like we may want to get an adult cat. Kittens are SO cute and soft, but if an adult is going to work better for our situation, then that's what we'll do. Our cat grew up with an older female cat, and he enjoyed having her around, enjoyed being the annoying little brother but now he's the only cat. i don't think he'll like a new cat at first, but he'll get used to it.
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My first cat Lucky, was very shy, and the rescuer told me she would do better as a single cat, in a quieter house, with no kids. Because of my traveling schedule, I decided to get another cat, to make her company when I was away. Since Lucky was already skittish, I decided to get a very mellow cat, that wouldn't have a problem in letting her be the alpha cat in the house. That's Bugsy. He is VERY mellow, not an alpha at all... He is 22 months old, and a giant sweetheart. There were no fights, no hisses, and they both get along very well. Bugsy has been here for a little less than a month; they don't cuddle yet, but they are inseparable. They play a lot of chasing, sleep together, eat together, and are always around each other... It has been great for Lucky - she has flourished quite a bit... Not shy anymore, and much closer to me than before. I can tell they really like each other...
Whatever you take, just make sure you get a cat with the right personality for yours... If you are getting an adult kitty, don't get a dominant one... Your resident cat needs to be the head of the pack, and if the new one doesn't agree with the hierarchy, you might be in trouble.
I would go with an adult.
Good luck!!!
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A lot will depend on the personality of your older cat and it's willingness to share it's home. Whatever you decide remember that the new cat is the outsider and may be viewed as a threat. Don't disrupt the existing cats' life and change it for the new cat. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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ive done both and i think either or will be alot of work.

If you get the kitten just be sure to play with it alot so it doesnt bother the older cat. When i brought Princess home she was obsessed with my oldest cat Sabastian, always following him around and trying to be friends. He ignored her for a while, but now they are best buds and even cuddle, its precious.

When i brought Nipper (a 3yr old) home i think it was more difficult. He meowed non stop for the 1st month. It was so bad i contemplated getting rid of him, but i knew i wouldnt. He hid downstairs most of the time and when he did come up all he would have to do is hear a loud noise, or if me and BF were screaming he'd dart downstairs. (not fighting, we just goof around alot, tickling singing...).
He also didnt like to be held. I told BF that i was determined to turn this cat into a "cuddler". I gave him lots of love and would pick him up and pet him and eventually he came around. Now he stays upstairs most of the time, loves to lay on his back and show off that belly, never refuses a cuddle, and even likes to jump up and take a nap on his meowmy. Also me and BF can be super loud and disturbing and he wont even flinch.

wow. after writing this i kinda think an adult has a harder time adjusting and getting used to a new place. A kitty you bring in as a baby so they get use to their surroundings and you right away.
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When I was adopting my 2nd, I had heard that a kitten was supposed to be easier so that's what I adopted. It was a bad idea, in retrospect. My 1st cat is lazy, mellow, and never wants to play. The kitten drove her insane. I did a very slow introduction between the two and it still took at least 6 months before the older cat really tolerated the kitten. They are fine now, because the kitten knows not to harass the older one and she has mellowed out herself anyway. They will never be best friends though.
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