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Loki Video

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I've been meaning to film Loki's daily runs outside of his enclosure and have finally got around to posting one on You Tube.

Loki makes fun of me the entire time.

Hope you enjoy it:
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What a sweet boy!
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Wow he's so fast. I love the belly flop!
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I love the comments by Loki!!!!!
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I love his thought balloons. He's a bit sarcastic, that one.

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Oh my gosh, so cute! He just talks to you the whole time!
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Great Video.
He is very fast.
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Very funny video! And I am amazed that you speak cat! Thanks for the translations!!
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LOL soooo cute
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'See ya later sucker'

He has such a beautiful face!
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Very cute kitty!
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What a cutie! He is very fast! Love the comments by Loki
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What I want to know is how you got him to listed to NOT go under the shed - mine always dart under the shed when I tell them that!
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I LOVE this video! What a gorgeous cat and the commentary was hilarious! Loki has quite the attitude and a sense of humor, I him! Thanks for sharing.
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Your comments... I mean Loki's comments... Were hilarious! Thank you for posting the video, it was very funny. Loki is so fast! I don't know if my place is big enough for a bengal that fast, but boy I still want one!
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Whoa! so fast, so pretty, so big!
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Thanks everyone for viewing Loki's video and commenting here.
He's a character for sure, we love him.

And, Nat, if your reading, Loki only listens if I say please.
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