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Cat causing sleep disorder

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A few nights ago, I dreamed a cat was pawing at my hand. I woke up and Daisy was tapping on my palm with her paw. The same night, I rolled over and my hand touched something furry. I almost screamed, then realized it was her. She walks back and forth across my headboard, once even slipping and falling on my head. She fights with Speck under the bed every night. (That's a lot of her growling and him thumping; Speck is too big for under the bed and hits his head.) Then when my alarm goes off, she jumps on my chest like she's attempting CPR and sits there until I get up. She doesn't understand the concept of the "snooze" button. I am not sure what to do. Shutting her out of the bedroom doesn't seem to be an option; this is what I've always done with the cats, but she scratches on the door until I let her in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Cats are nocturnal by nature and that's why when you are sleeping at night, she's raring to go and expects you to be too. You need to turn her to the same sleep wake cycle that you are on. That means spending one of your days off doing nothing but playing with her, and waking her when she tries to nap. I do that with every cat that I get and it assures me a good nights sleep because they are sleeping when I am.

Another good idea is to get her a friend so that they can entertain each other.
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Your nights are quite exciting IMO. Natalie_ca has given great advise. On the other hand, it took me months to learn to sleep with all the ruckus my cats make and they have given up trying to wake me. So in my home, days and nights are quite in harmony.
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That's a kitty for ya! God forbid we disturb them while they are sleeping! In my eyes, it is just part of having a kitty.
Here's what I do with Maia during bed time crazies..............
If she is climbing somewhere she shouldn't be, I will get up if I have to, and tell her to get down, no, and go back to sleep. If she is running around like a little freak to the point of hurting someone or herself, I tell her to calm down till she does, and go back to sleep. If she is walking on me and trying to wake me, I grab her, snuggle her in close to me, and go back to sleep. Believe me I am a light sleeper, but to be honest, 90% of the time she puts a smile on my face even though she is waking me up!
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Have you tried feeding her before you go to bed?

Ours start being "busy" in our bed (mostly) when they want us to get up and feed them.

What a kick - it's amazing how much we not only tolerate this interruption in our sleep cycle, but we laugh about it.

I hope you can find a successful solution - like completely incasing your bed so cats can't get under it, over it, or in it. Ha! ... I couldn't do that because there's just nothing like a warm purring cat laying in your arms while your asleep.

So, maybe more food will help her go into the sleep cycle with you - ?

Life would be sooo boring (and lonely) without these fascinating creatures in my life.
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Thank you all for the suggestions. It's funny how different Daisy's purrsonality is from Speck's. She's into everything, like my Siamese used to be in her younger days, and Speck is very laid back. I think I am going to try to change her sleeping hours. She is so restless...she was a semi-feral stray who caught her own food; now everything is provided for her and she doesn't seem to know what to do with herself.
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If mine don't bother me I wake up and go find them to make sure they are okay
How old is she and how long have you had her? If she is fairly young and new to your home she may settle down after a while. I don't know if some Rescue Remedy at bedtime might calm the little beastie but it won't hurt.
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