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Vibes for my bf's kitty :(

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My boyfriend's Burmese cat, Deja Vu, is sick

For the past few days she hasn't been eating, and she's been spending all day lying on the couch, eyes half open, looking really sad and like she's in pain.

She doesn't purr when he cuddle up to her

We took her to the vet and she had some blood tests and they gave her some painkillers, but she's about 15/16 years old now.

My boyfriend was pretty stressed out when we took her thinking that they might put her down, but he's not to sure if she'll get through on her own or if it's old age...

He's had her since he was about 5, he's going to be so sad
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Sending for Deja Vu and your boyfriend.
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Sending vives for Deja Vu.

And some and comforting for your boyfriend.

I Burmese!
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Prayers for her.
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Poor little DeJa Vu. What did the Vet say was wrong? Why are they giving her painkillers? Many Prayers and for her and your BF.
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When will the blood test results be in?

Sending many vibes for he poor thing

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Many many prayers and for Dejavu!
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Prayers and vibes for Deja Vu

Hope you get a diagnosis soon.
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