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Help Greasy chest hair (Cat not me)

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Hi this is my first thread so hi.

My new cat Molly got her 01/01/2009, she is long haired and she seems to have developed greasy hair under her chin & on her chest, I comb it but it makes not difference, rest of her fur is fine.
I got her from the cat shelter & was told she was on a sensitive dried biscuit diet which was helping her with the runs. This may have been stress from being with other cats which she didnt like. Anyway I have been trying her on chicken with biscuits as I dont like feeding my cats on the wet tinned rubbish thats around, full of sugar. Just this week she has been quite constipated and I wonder if the chest greasy is just an indication of things not right, what do u thinK? help !

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If she has not been to the vet since you got her, it's a good idea to take her in for a check up regardless. If she has been there, perhaps you could call the vet and ask about it.

Does biscuit mean dry kibble?

Chicken is good as a treat, but not suitable as a staple of the diet. It is missing a lot of the important nutrients a cat needs. There are plenty of quality wet foods out there...I've never heard of sugar being a problem, even in the low quality ones.

Most cats a meticulous about cleaning themselves. A failure in this regard can indicate illness.
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Hi no biscuits are science plan, my last cat who died at christmas at the age of 16.5 suffered over the years with a lot of plaque on her teeth due to being feed on wet cat food vets in sheffield advise to go for biscuits cause its better for their teeth. I dont understand why companies put sugars in I think they have shares in the vet business, Ive never seen cats in the wild tucking into sugar cane or the odd mars bar ;-).

She is not exactly tucking into biscuits why did I always have to pick fussy eater, people I know their cats just gobble down their food all the time.

She has only had two very small sloppy poo's in a week thinking of taking her to the vets on monday or tuesday though it an expence I cant offord.

is there any foods out there that dont have sugar in them ? in England I add
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I'm going to move this to Health & Nutrition for you.
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