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Kitty Toilet Training

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Hello again

Can anyone give me any advice!??

I have started training my cat 'Sox' to use the toilet using the 'Litter Kwitter' process.
He is a youngish cat and is very clever and seems to pick thins up very quickly.

Well i found that the first stage was fine. Although i did have to start it off on the floor as the whole concept of getting onto the toilet confused him.
Once he used it on the floor for a while he was fine when i put it onto the toilet and that came a doddle to him.

Now im trying to move him onto the second stage and im finding this a lot more difficult. Ive read a few posts from others and they say its as soon as he sees the water that will stop him from going. But the thing is he still actually uses the litter kwitter for a wee but refuses to go for a poo and now im finding that he goes into his water bowl. Which confuses me as people say its the water that puts him off?

I definately want to train him though because using the litter box although has been successful is not nice for us.
Our house is very very small and our 'sox' just doesnt cover his wee or poo when he has been. The smell seems to fill our house up really quickly and it is awful and soo strong sometimes.

If anyone can give me some advise i would appreciate it.

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Go back to the red tray and stay there until he well and truly gets it.

I trained my 3 all at once and spent 4 weeks on each level before moving on.

He might not want to be trained, the litter box smell is often diet related so you might need to look into that too.
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Its a 50/50 chance. I don't believe in trying because IMO there is too much negative things - the #1 reason not to do it, is that you cannot monitor how much they are peeing or not peeing and you cannot really check the stool if there are problems.

I agree that it could the be the food you are feeding. Poor quality foods tend to cause smelly waste.
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I respect what you mean by not being able to monitor how much he is weeing but we live in such a small house that we are aware everytime he does go.

You say that it is a lot to do with the diet as too if the litter smells bad but we have had him on the SD diet because that is what we were told to put him on so we cant really change that.

To be honest i thought he had totally got the first stage but maybe it is worth trying again for a while to make sure.

Thanks for the responses though i appreciate it.
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