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URI kitty drinking out of TOILET

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The only place that we have seen Levi drinking is from a CLEAN toilet...

I hope that is ok? I have tried to discourage this in the past, but since he has NOT been drinking, I think that, the water is clean, so is the bowl, if he wants fresh, cold water, HEY buddy, GO FOR IT!!

I have also noticed him try for dry food, he won't touch the wet that I offer, I have even tried Lamb's flavored baby food and he is NOT interested.

He is still sneezing and getting his meds, this is the 3rd day, so MAYBE he is trying to come back to us!!!

NOW, our 8 yr old has started sneexing!! I am giving her the same meds. There is no way I can afford to take her in now too. Since she is indoor, I KNOW she got it from Levi.. I hope I am doing the right thing.

Anyone else have a toilet bowl drinker??
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I wouldn't allow a cat to drink from the toilet. I don't think the chemicals in toilet cleaners would be good for them.
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I've had cats drink from the toilet. I don't use the cleaners that you hand inside the tank and when I do clean them, I make sure I flush numerous times to get all of the chemicals out of the tank before I leave the lid open for them.

My dogs drink out of the toilets constantly. Just be careful about residual chemicals in the tank.

Hope the the URI clears up quickly and it doesn't pass thru your entire household.
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Mine sometimes drink out of the toliet, and I also don't use harmful chemicals, and I flush multiple times. They also like drinking from the pond.

All I can recommend is keep the lid down, or if they like drinking "fresh" water, why not get one of those fresh flow water bowls? The one that is like a fountain and has filters?
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Please don't let your cat drink from the toilet. No matter how clean you think your toilet is, it isn't. Think about what it's used for? It's for human waste. Would you let your child drink out of it? Would you dip a cup in and drink? Probably not. So please don't let your animals drink from it either.

Your cat probably wants clean cold water. Invest in a pet fountain so that it can have what it is seeking...safely.
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The only thing in toilet after it is used is water, that is not enough to clean any bacteria. Its only clean (possibly) right after you chemically clean it, once its used again, its very dirty and no animal should drink from it, ever, ever.
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