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6 Month old kitten attacking 6 year old cat!!!!

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I have 3 cats. Mary Jane and Mya are about 6-7 years old. Missy is 6 months and was just fixed.

Missy has LOTS of energy and is a very lovable and entertaining kitten. My boyfriend and I love her dearly and really do not want to have to give her up, but also do not want our other beloved cats to suffer. Things are most of the time pretty good and everone gets along however sometimes get a little crazy.

Each time I feed the three of them, which is once in the morning and once at night, Missy pounces on each of them and attacks (striking at the neck while ears are back and mean face is on is more like it sometimes) while I am preparing thier food and they are standing around waiting. This is about the only time that Missy really bothers Mya.

However it seems to be a constant battle to stop Missy from attacking Mary Jane!!! Mary Jane is a big fluffy and lazy cat that just loves to hang around groom, sleep and cuddle. It seems like every chance Missy gets to sneak up on her and jump her she will. I am worried because Missy is getting bigger and stronger and Mary Jane doesn't seem to fend her off easily. Mya has no problem with Missy because she attacked back a couple times really good and put her in her place. Mary Jane just takes it, screams, growls and runs away. The battles are pretty scary sometimes and the only way to stop is to get right in the middle and then Missy usually bites and attacks my arm or leg.

What can I do to try and solve this.......or do I just wait untill she calms down...IF she ever calms down.

I have lots of room for all three. I have 3 cat posts around the house. I have three litter boxes. I have lots of toys that Missy loves. She plays like crazy....sometimes even untill she starts mouth breathing....then I have to stop. The two older cats are indoor outdoor. This helps them get their energy out.

I just want them (especially Missy) to know who is boss. Any advice would be sooo helpful

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The best advice I can think of is to feed them seperatly. If this only happens at food time than you may need to feed the baby in a seperat room from the adults. It my be this way forever or eit may just be untill thelittle one is old enough to not get so overly excited about food.
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