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Question about spaying!

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I brought Roxy, my newest kitty in today to get spayed. My other two cats were fixed before I got them, so I can't help but be a little nervous.

my question is this...I pick her up tommorrow afternoon, and the vet recommended I keep her isolated if she and my other kitty play so much...

Leo and Roxy play (restle, chase, tackle climb and pounce on eachother) quite a bit everyday when we are home and probably when we are not home too. They also groom eachother...never fighting just silent happy rolling around... they sleep together too, and one will meow until he/she finds the other....

have most of you with multiple cats/kittens kept them isolated after spaying?

I am also wondering if and how your female behavior changed after spaying (aside from the heat behavior) cause Roxy is such a sweetie, and playful...

my biggest concern, is I don't want the relationship btw the cats to change, and if I isolate her the only place in my bedroom, and this will upset the other cats...but ofcourse I want her to heal as best she can..

especially since they are all getting along, even Piper has on several occasions wanted to play with Roxy, and usually gets her by surprise...

I don't want Leo to accidentaly hurt her so I am leaning towards keeping her isolated, but alowing her out when I can watch, and for meals...

what do you think??? Is it risky? The vet teck said Roxy will might hiss at the others so they will leave her alone, and not to worry, but I have never heard her hiss once since I have her, and can't help being worried! (She is also the kitty that had a really bad URI when I got her but she has been totally fine since she got over it)
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You should keep her confined and quiet for at least for 48 hours following the surgery. She will be wobbly when she comes home, unsteady on her feet and sore. I would tell you vet you will pay the extra money (usually $5.00) for the pain shot, they will give it to her right before they put her in the carrier and give her back to you. It will help with her pain.

I would keep the other cats away from her, they will only hiss and spit at her as she will smell funny *vetty* is what I call it. Her stress level will have been raised, and that will also make her smell funny. Keep her away from stairs, other cats, and give her a small dark place to lay down in. I always take a new carrier that has been recently washed, prop open the door, drape it with a blanket and leave it out for them. She will probably go right in and go to sleep. You don't want her jumping, and you will be feeding her 1/4 of what she usually eats when she comes home (later on that evening)feed her in the same room she is confined in.

Also right before you release dab some vanilla extract on your kitties so they all smell the same. Dab it on their chins and the base of their tails. As I said, she will bring home with her many alien scents and the other cats may react on her because of it.

Spaying and neutering has never changed any of my cat's behavior except to make them more loving. She will be fine, and just try not to worry. And thank you for being such a responsible cat owner.
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I do know that cats have a 6th sense and can tell when one is not feeling well...When Fluffy was spayed, I was worried about Rocky not liking her when she returned or not recognizing her, but he still loved her, recognized her, and "knew" she wasn't feel up to herself for a few days, she slept alot too afterwards...after about 3 days after her surgery, they were already restling around a little bit..He was careful with her and after about a week afterwards, she was all back to normal, and had her stitches out a little over a week after her surgery..I can understand why you are worried, but your other cats will be able to tell she isn't up to herself, and probably will leave her alone anyway.....+++vibes going out to you and your kitties!!!Let us know how her spay surgery goes!
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another idea....you could try to bring a towel or old shirt to keep in Roxy'ss cage while she's at the vet. This will provide something comforting for her as well. Then when you pick her up, bring another towel or shirt to wrap her up in and rub her with. I had great luck with this technique!

Then again, your other kitties just may be so happy to see her when she comes home that you won't have any problems at all! Good Luck though!!!
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When we had Niko spayed Mischief constantly hissed at her. Poor Niko was real wobbly, and hid underneath my bed and stayed there until the next day. The day after that she went out to eat, Mischief hissed at her, Niko went back underneath my bed for the rest of the day. As the days progressed Niko - who always was and still is a very loving and playful cat - came out more and more and did more of her usual activity. It wasn't until she could really move around that Mischief, her little sister, stopped hissing at her.
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I've always kept mine in a serperate room for a day(for the males) or two (for the females) right after a spay/neuter.
In mine, I did'nt notice anykind of personality change but it did seem to calm a few of the hyperactive ones down a bit. They are still just as sweet and lovable and still get along with the other cats and dogs just as well as they did before the surgery.
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Originally posted by Xastion
When we had Niko spayed Mischief constantly hissed at her.
What a cute name! I have one named Mr.Chievious.
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thanks to all, I appreciate the feedback and suggestions.

the vet called me at 3:15PM, and Roxy was fine, it was done and she is awake...

I pick her up tomorrow after work! I will try the shirt and vanilla trick !

I will keep her separated for a few days at least. I want her to heal as fast as possible and get the rest she needs..

just curious, how long does it take for the fur to grow back? she is a short haired cat...

also this may seem like a silly question, but can we pick her up? or is holding her something we shouldn't do for a while? she normally likes to be held and purrs....and likes to jump on everything, so we often pick her up and put her down...(gently ofcourse)
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Fluffy was spayed 4/28 and her fur is still isn't grown back yet..well, some has, but it may take a couple weeks or so I Guess...Fluff is a DMH though so hers may take longer....you may be able to pick her up, but she may not want to be held..I would just pet her and talk to her cuz her tummy will be sore for a few days....Fluff would holler at me if I tried to pick her up or just move her..You will need to keep an eye on the stitches though to make sure there isn't any infection or redness going on.....glad to hear she came through her surgery with flying colors though..... Keep us posted on her!
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Niko is very much a lap cat and would mew drastically when picked up or moved after the surgery. Give her time, allow her to let you know when it is okay to pick her up and such. That area will be sore and tendar for at least a week. Watch the stitches, make sure that she doesn't lick them or pull at them.

As for the hair growing back, it takes awhile. Niko's hair is just starting to grow back - we can see her belly stripes again, but from what the vet said it can take up to four monthes for all the hair to grow back.

P.S. Mischief earned her name and continues to live up to it every day.
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Instead of picking her up, once she is in her room, sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you and see if she will climb on your lap (though she probably won't) she will be shocky and sore. But any time you get the urge to hold her, don't, just sit down and let her come to you.
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thanks, hissy that's a good idea, it reminds me of when I first got her and she was got sick, when ever I came in the room, I would sit on the floor, and from the first day she would come right out of the carrier, climb on me and cuddle her head on my neck and go back to sleep.. ..

she probably won't do that as you said, if she is so sore (poor little girl!)...

I spoke to my vet again, and they said she is full of energy again!!!
I go pick her up in 3 hrs! The vet said to try to limit her activity as much as I can, cause she a tough girl, and doesn't want to stay still (she is porbably driving them crazy with meowing, she quite the vocal one, especially when she wants something!)

hopefully she will be tired and sleep when I bring her home..
she has always been a very active kitty, and even jumps from the floor onto my shoudlers, (sometimes hurts if I am not diligent with the nail trimming) but usally jumps on the counter first then our shoulders (doesn't hurt this way!!).

even when I took her in the carrier to drop her off, she scratches so hard to get out, I see little bits of nails inside after? do other cats go this wacko in the carrier? My other two, meow but don't try to brake the walls of the carrier down!!
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Niko cries a lot in the carrier. Mischief finds anything loose to bite down on and tear at. Isis will try to break down the walls with her little kitty paws. So it differs, but so far I haven't seen any of them like the carrier except when I leave it open for them to play in.
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I have pipe cleaners in my carriers when I take the cats to the vet. I insert the pipecleaners into the slats, so the ends stick out inside- but are up fairly high. The I twist another pipecleaner around to hold it in place, and clip the ends of the twist tie. When the cats are stressed, they reach up and bat the ends of the pipecleaner- helps them destress.
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Roxy is home, and doing just fine. She was nervous when I picked her up at the vet, it seemed she didn't recongnize me, but once she got home, she purred much louder than usual, rubbing me and my husband. She doesn't seem soar or wobbly, she is walking around and jumping (which we are trying to keep to a minimum. (but you can see she is being careful.) She is alert and in just a few hours of being home, started to behave more like herself...

When I picked her up the vet informed me he give her buried stiches, so there will be no stiches to remove, and she has less chance of irritating it. I was surprised as this was not what he originally said he was going to do, but she seems to be recovering just fine. She has been walking and lying on me when I am lying down, like she usually does. she even did her roll over and exposes her belly to me while she was getting pets and purring! (makes it easy for me to check the incision )!

Leo cried off and on all early morning, cause we had the door closed, to isolate Roxy. I felt so bad, and hope tonight will be better for him. Anything I can do to make the isolation time easier on him?
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I don't have any suggestions to offer you..sorry..I didn't use this technique when we brought FLuffy home...Rocky just left her alone because he knew she wasn't feeling well...I knew he wouldn't bother her so...maybe just give him extra lovins today, and more treats, and also some warm canned food before bedtime too.... Good Luck though..Glad to hear Roxy is home, and seems to be feeling well...
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