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Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
Oops, sorry I said 'service'. The tips I give are meant for the waiter/waitress service only. If the food stinks but the waitress is good, I will still tip 20%. I have been served by exceptional waitresses and also some really rude ones.
Most restaurants unofficially "require" that the servers put into a tip pool of which the cooks get the lion's share. In Calif. it's against the law to require, but most houses "strongly suggest" a percentage - in the good houses where I worked, I tipped out 35% to 40% of my gross tips. The theory is that it promotes better food & better service and a better team effort, but in breakfast houses, I've found that cooks (as opposed to chefs) are more likely to be dirty, lousy cooks, etc, and still expect to benefit from the tippool. The chefs are usu. so professional, they consider every plate of food as having their personal signature, so only the best will do
On the other hand, I found that breakfast/lunch servers are more inclined to be stingy with their tips, and can even consider their bussers as "peons"
When a server, I am prone to tipping my front staff (hostesses & bussers) separately because they can really set up the direction of the dining experience in a positive way, back to the OP - not giving all the change is STEALING from your guest, whether deliberately or not ....and I've been slammed, beyond slammed, and I'm sure I've probably made mistakes that I'm unaware of of, and if I did, Oh NO - I've stolen's my mistake and I'll own up to it. Period.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
I probably wouldn't have left her anything. If she automatically claims some of my change as her tip, then fine, that's what she's getting. I am also one of those people who has no problem leaving next to nothing when I get crappy service. One time I had horrible service and left a quarter. Figured it would get the message through more than leaving nothing. A friend of mine thought I was an absolutely horrible person for doing that, but I had to say "to each their own".

On the other hand, when I get good service and good food, we generally over tip. We once tipped 50% on a bill at one of my favorite restaurants because they had great service and great food. Usually we leave a ~30% tip for one of our friends when we go eat at the restaurant where he's a bartender (he usually always gives us free drinks while we're there).
I was treating my hubby and daughter to dinner one night which of course the waitress had no way of knowing. She catered to my hubby (yes, he's good-looking), basically ignored me, did not take away my empty plate before bringing dessert (actually left my dirty dinner plate on the table even after she gave me my dessert). I overheard her telling one of the other waitresses that she hadn't gotten very much money in tips that evening. (I wonder why!) When she brought us the bill and handed it to my hubby, he passed it to me and thanked me for the treat. You could see her face drop.

I left NO tip. When she came to pick up the money, I told her exactly why she got not tip. She shrugged and said "whatever" and walked away.

Now, on the other hand, if I get good service I tip very generously as I know most of those folks are earning minimum wage (and some less).
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When I eat at a restaurant, I always factor tip in the price and know I will be tipping for my service, provided the service is decent. That is how they make their living and I have had family members work as servers so I know what they go through. They have to rely on the goodness of others to make their wage, as sometimes they can do all the right things and still get cheated. That sometimes doesn't go so good and they make a low wage, other times they come out on top. But not always. It can be different every shift and will vary based on the restaurant and customer base.

I would still leave a tip as usual and as planned. I guess I am in the minority. I don't like change anyway.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Tipping in general is a whole different discussion! I personally think restaurants should raise their wages and their prices and just say, "No tipping."

I agree. I am very uncomfortable with tipping, i can't afford to give great tips, and wonder if I don't over tip them they think I am a cheap I dislike the whole idea of having to tip.
The resteraunt pays them to do a job, why do I have to pay for food and then be excected to pay for their help as well. I think that it should be up to a cutomer to decide if they want to tip, the watresses may be better servers if they arent expecting a 20% tip. If they get paid by their boss for the job they do and then do a wonderful job i would give them a little tip for doing such a good job, but I shouldn't be expected to give them a tip, they should earn it. (and most really do, they work hard)
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I’m bad about leaving too much tip if I get good service, I usually eat alone so my checks are smaller but I understand the server is spending as much time on me as they would for someone spending more money that would provide a higher tip. At a diner I used to frequent I had waitresses fight for my table because I was typically low maintenance and left big tips. I believe in being polite as I would expect someone to be to me, and try to be understanding on issues that are out of the server’s control assuming the server is doing everything they can on my behalf and keeping me informed.

With that said, nothing infuriates me more in a restaurant than a server assuming I am going to tip them – that is my decision and I don’t like being pressured. Asking if I want my change, keeping any part of it without my consent or even returning with an excessive amount of $1 bills (if giving change from their apron its OK) will almost certainly reduce or eliminate any tip that was coming from me. I typically try to verbalize what I want in return when I pay with cash to prevent these situations. Example: “Thank you for your service, I only need $5 back.â€

In your case (assuming good service) I would have (nicely) told her that the change provided was incorrect and asked her to bring the rest. If she was polite about this when she came back with it I would have given her another dollar and allowed her to keep the change. If she gave me any attitude I would wait for her to return with the change and leave just that on the table for her.
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Originally Posted by CruiserMaiden View Post
or even returning with an excessive amount of $1 bills (if giving change from their apron its OK) will almost certainly reduce or eliminate any tip that was coming from me.
Just a little info for you - Most businesses will have their tills and a change fund in back to break some larger bills. Most people when out spending will use twenties, fifties, and even hundreds. This usually means a lot of fives are given back for change. The end result is a change fund and tills full of larger bills and ones. On evenings, weekends, and especially holidays you have to just deal with it - there's nothing else to make change with. Quarters tend to run out quickly, too.

So if you get all ones for something under ten dollars, it's probably because there are few, if any, fives left to give out as change.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I had lunch today at the "On the Border" restaurant close to the store I was delivering at. I had a lunch chimichanga and a diet coke, which came to $10.37. I gave the waitress a $20 bill, and she brought back 9 $1 bills as change.

So...she assumed she would get at least 63 cents as a tip. I left one of the dollar bills, and called it even.
I think you did the right thing. Wouldn't it be funny if you said "Can you count the change back to me?" LOL! No one knows how to do that anymore, though right?
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Originally Posted by Rockcat View Post
I think you did the right thing. Wouldn't it be funny if you said "Can you count the change back to me?" LOL! No one knows how to do that anymore, though right?
I'm going to take minor offense to that. I, and I'm sure others here, always count back change. It's too easy to make mistakes when in a hurry and that helps prevent it.
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
I forgot to mention: I saw that a lot of people wrote that they would not tip if the service is crappy. Don't forget though, a lot of times the crappy service is not the waiter's fault. A lot of people get mad that their food arrives too late, but that's entirely the kitchen staff's fault, and not giving a tip only hurts the waiter while the cooks still enjoy their hourly salary. Again, totally unfair.
You can usually tell when the service is crappy b/c of the kitchen, or b/c you just have a plain crappy server, and we tip appropriately. When we can tell it is an issue with the kitchen and not at all the servers fault, then we still give them a good tip. We also generally don't tip based on how long the food took to get out. That can very by how many people are there and what they are ordering.

We were at P.F. Changs the last time we didn't tip. Our waitress was beyond rude. We got there at 5:00, and there was about a 45 min wait. They told us if we got back by 6:40 we should only have to wait a few minutes before being seated, so we went over to the mall. We got back at 6:30 and we didn't get seated until after 7:15, while 3 groups that came in AFTER we were back waiting were seated before us. No, they weren't on the call ahead seating, b/c she was using two different charts. Hubby went up to ask and she had completely skipped past us. (I know this has nothing to do with the server, but it didn't start the night out very well).

We were seated and it took over 15 minutes for the server to even ask us for our drinks, and then it took forever for her to bring them out. Our appetizer was out before our drinks were. Since I was thirsty b/c of our spicy appetizer, I drank my drink fairly quickly. Trying to catch our waitress was difficult, but I finally did and asked for a refill. It never came, though the people at the table next to us had refills coming out their ears. At one time they had the drink they were currently drinking, plus TWO refills on their table. Our food took forever to come out, but the restaurant was busy so we attributed partly to the kitchen. We weren't the only ones upset, and we saw our waitress back by the kitchen talking to other servers the whole time, not doing her job. Like getting refills. We finished our meal and then expected to get our check or be asked for dessert...something. We sat there for almost a 1/2 an hour waiting to get our check. We had to be at a movie at 10pm, and finally at 9:40 we asked the manager if we could get our check and leave b/c we had to be somewhere. She went to find our waitress and to help us get going. At that point our waitress was mad and started giving us attitude. She wouldn't speak to us, and was pretty much throwing stuff around on our table. She packed our left over food to take home, but for some reason decided that DH didn't need rice. We were seated for 2 1/2 hours!! I only got one drink, no refills, and our waitress had attitude and was completely rude the whole time, not to mention how she was after we got the manager. She got absolutely NO tip. You can't tell me that was only due to the kitchen staff, and not her.
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Around here (about 90 minutes from Mike's part of town), it's common for upscale restaurants to round off your change... though it's usually done in an upwardly direction.

Also, I think the tabs are often rung up for the servers by someone in the bar, so the server may or may not even be aware it's been done.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I think NZ/Australia has the right attitude when it comes to tips - people don't tip here. I've never left a tip nor have I ever known anyone has left a tip.
are you sure? because the cafe i work at gets tips, all of the other girls rely heavily on tips to get by and they work in restaurants too
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I worked as a waitress (Pizza Hut) for 9 years. We were told originally by our district manager to only claim enough in tips to equal minimum wage at that time. We did that for 3 years. Suddenly the IRS comes after me because I wasn't claiming the "percentage" of the nightly sales...for the last 3 years. I had an IRS bill of over $3000. Now, I can't argue with the IRS and if I owed it, I owed it. BUT, at that time I was working for $2.35/hr. The cooks were getting $4.35 starting rate. It took forever for waitresses to get a decent raise because we got "tips". Not a great thing when you are working in a college town and waiting on people that want to save their money for beer.

Back to the orginal post....maybe she just miscounted the bills and meant to give you back $10. If it was a busy night, that could very well have happened. We had a "change dish" where people could put spare change in and it helped when it came to doing fast cashouts. I really don't understand why any waitress would want to hold on to $0.60 some. I DO understand why she gave you all those $1.00 bills though....that is a stragetic movement in the restaurant world!
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I usually leave a nice tip. But if the waitress kept part of my change, I would point it out to her and there would be no tip. I know waitresses work really hard, but to heck with her assumptions...
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If the person was rude to me, I'd still tip- you never know what could be causing that, maybe they're having a really bad day- it happens to everyone especially someone who works in that business...
If they were slow with bringing drinks, refills, etc- i would tip a lot less than usual. I can't not give it a tip- I feel like I am free riding if I do, like I said if I am not going to tip I'd go to a self service place. These people bring the food to me because they expect me to give a tip, and if they have to because it's their job, i'm sure that they would be not be working if they didn't receive tips- so it's in fact their salary that you rob them of when you choose not to tip. When you order pizza and the person on the phone is rude to you, you don't pay less because of that. It's the same with receiving a service at the restaurant, if it's bad it doesn't make it okay not to pay for it, and the fact that giving a tip is voluntary and not mandatory is just an unfairness that I don't agree with and is very unfortunate. I really think it should either be included in the price, and then people can choose if they want to give more, or if servers should just be on a regular salary and get rid of the tipping altogether. I would absolutely be mad if a waitress starts to flirt with my boyfriend and ignores me or is rude to me in any way. But I'd probably just stop going to the restaurant, and still tip her because I feel like if I would feel like a bitch- even though she may have done a rude thing, I'm no one to take away her salary. It's terribly unfortunate that restaurants are set up in this way to be able to exploit their wait staff, make them work practically for free, and then make it voluntary for them to get paid, if the customer thinks they did a good job.
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I agotta agree with all the people that tip well. We always do, no matter what.

The best thing to do is complain to the manager about what happened, but not name names. Like said before, she might not even have know what your change was! I work with the public and money, and it sucks.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
are you sure? because the cafe i work at gets tips, all of the other girls rely heavily on tips to get by and they work in restaurants too
I have never left a tip, nor seen anyone else do so. I've always thought that we didn't do that here, and even been told that they are not allowed to keep the change even when offered.
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I can see where a lot of people are coming from in that kind of situation. My job is far worse than waitress jobs! I work at a bowling alley and do B-day parties. I have to be with the party for the whole 2 hours they are there. You get an hour bowling and an hour in the room to eat/open presents. (which FYI they usually take an extra 30-40min to get out of the room...) SO i set up the room: table cloths, plates, cups, napkins, chairs, tables, balloons etc... Then I greet them, round up the kids to get their shoe sizes, set up the lanes: put names in, put bumpers up, get kids right sized balls, explain rules. Then I take the food oders of the people and often times i am making their pizzas (which often times they order like 5 pizzas). I have to stay with the party and make sure they have no issues on the lanes and offer help if have questions. Then i put the food and drinks in the room, get the kids in the room. I serve the kids their food like i actually ask who wants cheese or who wants pepperoni and i set it on their plates and same with soda, i serve each kid their drink. I get anything the people need.I get the cake, prepare for singing happy b-day and then i cut and serve the cake. I then pass the bowling pin around for all the kids to sign it. I then get the bill prepared give it to the parents. Take the money/bill to the person at the front desk who GIVES me the money ( we arent allowed to ring up the bill only front desk people) Then I clean up the room and clean the dishes. I do all of that and sometimes i get nothing..... no tip. I get paid min. wage and like others said tips are part of my wages. I am always very nice to the people, offer any ways that would be cheaper for them to go about the party like with extra bowlers etc... and i ask if they need anything at least every 10-15 minutes. I work my butt off for these people, enough to where when i get off i am so tired and sore, i just want to die! lol Now on the upside i have gotten some good tips, but like you say you get bad/rude servers............well i get rude customers who act like they are some Holy King or w/e and that i am the scum of the earth and i should bow down to them and lick their shoes....ewww! Saddly I still will work my butt off for those rude people, because its my work ethic, but i will talk crap about them to my co-workers

All I have to say is next time you go someplace where its a min. wage job please think before you react. I have had some really bad days and I had three hindu women getting in my face when they wanted me to do everything for their 50 people party when the other party hostess was talking to our co-workers and I guess I cant be in 2 places at once and cant cut 2 cakes at one time, i mean my God i have two hands! Anywho i was stressed because it was a monday night and i had a huge test the next day and i wasnt supposed to work that nite, but i choose to help my "co-worker" out and i get them screaming in my face. I broke into tears and then OH evil people are trying to be nice...sorry it doesnt work both ways..... They ended up explaining that they knew it wasnt my fault and they didnt mean to yell at me directly and i did get a $25 tip which is ok not as good as a $60 tip but my co-worker got nothing..

Sorry this is sooo long its just well i am a min. wage worker and i know how it feels! It has taught me to always say please and thank you to teh server/person helping me and leave a good tip.

But I would never assume a tip and keep any money even if it was a penny, i always give it back.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I'm going to take minor offense to that. I, and I'm sure others here, always count back change.
You're taking offense? I certianly had no clue that my statement would offend anyone. By saying "no one" knew how to do that anymore, I didn't really mean "no one." Sorry. I just meant it was rare! I cannot remember how many years ago it was when someone counted change back to me. Really. (I mean really counting the change back, not just telling you how much the change is and counting that back to you.)

When I began waitressing/bartending (in the 70's), it was automatic. The registers didn't calculate how much change to give back.
Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
It's too easy to make mistakes when in a hurry and that helps prevent it.
That was actually my point. The waitress the OP was talking about would have realized her mistake or realized that her customer was on to her.
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I'm a chronic over tipper.
I worked as a cook in a restaurant for almost 5 years and I relied on those tips that the servers had to share 15% of. Sometimes those tips got me to the end of the month.
My biggest pet peeve about servers is they make so much more than the kitchen staff solely on the fact that they get tips. In the summer months, I would get tip outs of $75-$80, now if thats 15% split between 20 employees, think about how much those servers are getting in tips eh.

I over tip not for the server but for the back of the house and I usually ask how their tips get split up. If it all goes to the server, they get less. If the back of the house gets a cut: I throw in a bit extra because I know that if someone hadn't overtipped when I was in the kitchen, I might not have been able to buy bread that month.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
are you sure? because the cafe i work at gets tips, all of the other girls rely heavily on tips to get by and they work in restaurants too
Well I'll speak for NZ then but I've been to NSW twice (and up near the border of Brissy) and Vic once and no one tipped. My boyfriend's sister lives there and they don't tip nor are expected to?
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As a former pizza delivery guy, I never gave coin change. No one really expected it either. Perhaps this watress forgot the coins( it CAN happen).
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