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Convincing cat to eat more?

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Hi all,
A few weeks ago I switched Coco (14 y/o Maine Coon) to Wellness canned from Fancy Feast, and up until the last couple of days she seemed to like it pretty well...recently though she's been kind of indifferent towards it. She'll eat for a few minutes in the morning then leave it in favor of her customary 5 hour nap in the sun, and she isn't that interested in it later (meanwhile, the kitten takes about half a second to sneak up and scarf down what she didn't eat ). When she gets her second meal it's the same story. She has Wellness dry out all day, also, but isn't really in love with that.

As far as I can tell, she hasn't lost weight, but she hasn't gained any either (which is what the switch from FF was trying to accomplish). She has an appointment for teeth cleaning and some extractions next Friday; and I have noticed that she doesn't like to chew very much (she prefers to lick, and has trouble holding large chunks in her mouth), so I am hoping that will help and maybe her teeth are the reason for this lack of interest in food?

But in the meantime, is there any trick I can use to get her to eat more? I warm the food in the microwave for a few seconds, I've added water to it to make it soupy, sprinkled treats on top, etc and the response is always "eh." I even gave her some of her favorite flavor of FF the other day to see if that would entice her, too (it didn't).

Does anyone have any suggestions??
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I can sympathize with having a senior with a kitten. My senior likes to loll around and nibble at his leisure while the kitten comes charging in gobbling down everything sight. I have taken to preparing two bowls of canned food and standing "goalie" inbetween, then retracting the senior's uneaten portions and putting it in the fridge for a later offering.

My senior has also been fussy and I've conducted taste tests where I've tried 30 or more flavors carefully noting that he hated them all. I always think its important to serve dry kernels for the teeth, so usually only serve canned in the morning forcing them to eat the kernels. SD Hairball Light is so large (like chocolate chips) that they have real trouble swallowing it whole, so they must use their teeth to break it up.
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definetly try another brand. Mine hate wellness food.
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Could it be that her teeth are bothering her so she doesn't want to eat at all? You could try another brand....Nature's Variety Instinct is good; Wellness also has come out with Healthy Indulgences which come in pouches so it's kind of soft meat with gravy.. maybe more enticing? EVO or Innova are good and may also help your cat gain weight. Don't go too crazy with switching but see what happens after her dental. I'm sure your vet will suggest feeding her Hill's t/d but resist!!! Well you could feed her a few pieces of that as long as the canned makes up the majority of her diet.
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Thanks for the replies, the vet has already recommended the Hill's t/d but I won't be taking them up on that.

I tried a Wellness pouch the other day, also, but she sniffed it and walked away...she is sooo picky about flavors, she won't touch anything that isn't just fish (ex. salmon & chicken is a no-go for her). I'm going to try to make it more soupy today so maybe she'll just lick it up without having to chew. I think we'll wait til after her dental if we switch brands again, though.
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Have you tried sprinkling Whole Life's freeze-dried Chicken Pet Treats over the food? The only ingredient is Chicken (or whichever flavor you buy - there are several), so it's quite healthy and my cats go nuts for it.
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