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a date with dad

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I just went to a lovely lunch with my step dad, who's been around since I was about 13.

We've never been very close, since Ive never even met/known my real dad it just always seemed unnecesary and weird. But now that im getting married soon and older (27) it is really nice to have him.

We went to luch at his favourite Vietnamese restaurant for soup (Fau?) and chatted. He fixed my porch light too

It was kind of like a V day date with dad, something ive never done
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That sounds so lovely, it's good to have a dad!
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How wonderful. You can never have too many people, in your life that care about you.
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That's really sweet, it's nice to have a good dad or dad-like person in your life! Also, I believe the soup is spelled "Pho."
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That is very sweet!
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I envy your relationship! I don't have any contact with either my mother or father, by their choice, for over 20 years now..............That is a special relationship you have, treasure it!
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Yep, im pretty lucky to have a good family.
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That's wonderful!

Some of my best childhood memories involve "dates" with my Dad My parents were separated but they never fought over my brother and I. And while my Mom had physical custody of us, she didn't deny my Dad as much access to us as he or we wanted. As a result I spent every single Saturday with my Dad going shopping and having lunch (fries, gravy, coleslaw and chocolate milk), and I saw him every single day at lunch and after school too.

At 27 you are not too old to still be "Daddy's little girl" and spend time with him. While he isn't your biological father, he's your Dad in every way that's important, and I'm sure he couldn't love you any more even if you were a product of his genes.
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That sounds nice!

My stepdad is a bit of a douche.
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That's great! My dad and I "date" often, he calls them Daddy-Daughter Nights! We go to our favorite bar for a burger and a beer and just talk about everything for a few hours. It is a really special time and I love having that connection. Other than my husband, my parents are my best friends.
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That is so sweet! It's funny how our relationships with our parents/stepparents change as we get older. I remember one time when my mom was out of town, I invited my dad to the bar we always went to after work just to get him out of the house. He ended up teaching my best friend how to polka (they didn't have a dance floor)! He had a ball and I saw him in a completely different light. It is one of my fondest memories.
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That's really wonderful that you're able to have a good relationship with him.
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It's good that you're developing a closer relationship with him. Treasure every moment you have together. My dad and I have always been best friends, sharing a lot of interests and doing things together, just the two of us without the rest of the family. Unfortunately, he is no longer physically or mentally able to do much with me now. I really miss him.
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