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I am childfree, and yes, I hate the people who tell me I will change my mind. I think 34 is old enough to know my own mind. I would love to get a tubal. However, as I am not in a relationship now, it seems kinda pointless. Should the situation change, I would get essure. Bascially, the DR goes in through the cervix and inserts two implants into the falopian tubes to promote scarring and block the tubes in about 3 months. It is far less invasive than a traditional tubal and just as effective.

This was one of the options I was looking into. As I did some reaserch I discovered it may not be such a good thing. The essure site is run by them. They are NOT going to post any of the issues that have happened and the "bad" results. I found a few links to other forums that were discussing it. It sounds like it really ends up being more of a problem than a solution. Many women have reported sever pain for months, sometimes a year or more. The doctors that were qualified to do the surgery would just tell them to deal with it. It only has been around for a few years so we really don't have any conclusive test on weather or not it works. I decided againts it almost immediatly after doing a little bit of reaserch. I think ther are better options out there.

Some links for further info....