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My wacky kitty

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Hi everyone! Happy Valentines Day! You all are never going to believe what Thunderbolt is doing!!! We have two Guinea Pigs (Cinderpiggy and Clementine). Anyway, they are on a stand in a large tank. So, this morning, after living with us for 8 months, I find Thunder sitting on top of the piggies' pigloo inside the tank. Everytime a piggy comes out, WHACK, he cracks them on the head. He is spending a lot of time observing them. I don't think he has any desire to eat them. So then I put a baby gate on top of the tank. So what does the little buger do? I find him laying on top of the baby gate with him arm stretching in the tank, and WHACK he is cracking them on the head. Any advise?
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You could get a screen top for the tank that he can't reach his paws into?

He may not want to eat them right now but he can still hurt them with his claws, and I know from personal experience that Guinea Pig bites HURT.
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Definately keep him out of the tank - I know of someone whose cat was bitten by a piggies & it was a bad bite. (At least I think it was a guinea pig that bit her....)

You can find screens to fit the lids of the tank - I have one on my gerbil tank.
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The kitty does not have claws, and I don't think the piggies would bite, although it would solve the problem! He He. I had to get him declawed, because every morning I woke up, I looked like I fell in a sticker bush. he he. It is a bowed tank, so I can't get a lid!
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Poor guy is declawed.

You would be surprised the piggies will bite if they feel threatened. And those bites can be nasty. I highly suggest keeping him out of the tank, as I imagine it stresses out the piggies even if they don't show it. You may have the put the tank in a room where you can shut the door to keep Thunderbolt out of it - or get a different cage for them.
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That sounds funny Hope evryone is getting along
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For the record, I have three small children (one set of twins), and the kitty was scratching us relentlessy! He is fine and completly spoiled rotten. I am going to monitor the situation over the weekend (I hope he gets bored) and make a decision. He never bothered them before. If need be, I can put the piggies in a different room. It is just hard to keep the door shut will little kids around. By the way, Happy Tails catfood is 10 for 3 bucks at acme this week.

Also, how do you get a picture of your kitty up? Is he a bengle? Very pretty.
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