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Fat Cat?

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How much do your cats weigh?

I weighed my two cats today and they weigh 10-11 pounds each! Kitty is almost two years old, and Holly is almost 1. They dont look fat to me, and get lots of excercise.

Breed probably accounts for some of it. Kitty is a Manx and they are stocky cats. But Holly, shes an Ocicat and I think should weigh less, though shes probably not done growing. Kitty didnt stop growing til a little over a year old.
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At the last vet visit in December Spooky was 14.5lbs at 19 months and Mulder was 11.5lbs at 8 months. The vet said they were both healthy but Spooky could stand to lose around 1lb. They are big boys but they get a lot of exercise and I recently switched their food to a higher quality and I have noticed some visible weight loss for Spooky, Mulder has continued to grow and is now bigger than Spooky but not fat. I haven’t weighed them in awhile but I believe them to be around 14lbs now, with Mulder being larger.
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I believe most of my kitties are 10 lbs or less - the smallest being compact Goat-Head who weighs about 6 lbs - the largest two being Billy Bob at 15 lbs & Squishy at 14 lbs.
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Zoey is 8.5-9 and slender

Dahlia I would guess is about 12 and perfect

Sylvester is 12.5-13 and slender

Pj is 13.5 and perfect

Punky is 14 and perfect
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Tino 22 lbs
Ducky 20lbs
Kiko 17lbs
Laura 10-12 lbs
Easy 8 lbs
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Nova is 12-13lbs and slightly big around the middle. It's not a whole lot that she's overweight. Part of the problem is that she's eating a kitten food because it's the only thing we've found that doesn't give her soft poops. We tried the adult version of the same food (mixing it in first, of course), and the soft poops came back.

I think it depends a lot on the cat. Some kitties are taller, longer, denser than others and might look fine at 14 lbs. Other full grown cats might be perfect at 7lbs. It's like with people.
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Stimpy - 16 1/2 lbs a few weeks ago
Nabu - an ounce or 2 under 9 lbs in October
Lola - I haven't weighed her in a while, but she's heavier than Nabu and lighter than Stimpy. And she's still growing! She's going to be a BIG kitty.
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Bijou - 22 lbs. I just have to say that he is extremely muscular and long so he doesn't actually look terribly overweight. From above he has shape to his "hips". His head does look small for the rest of him though.

Mika - 9 lbs.
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Both my boys are 13.5lbs and my girl is 9lbs.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Tino 22 lbs
Ducky 20lbs
Kiko 17lbs
Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Bijou - 22 lbs.
My you have big boys!!

Scarlett - just shy of 7
Eightball and Bob - just shy of 10
Koko - 10.5
Stumpy - 13.5
Muddy - 14
Oscar and Pinky - 14.5
Spanky - 16
Lucky - 17

Spanky is the only one that is really overweight for his frame. That boy won't exercise.
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Riley weighs about 11 pounds 5 oz

Xander weighs 13 pounds 19 oz
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well, i guess my cats are normal

Although Holly's head always looks a little small for her body, but that may be a breed trait.

as long as they are happy and healthy thats all that matters!
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I haven't weighed my cats in a long time - none of them are overweight though. I would like to get a few more pounds on Flutterby.
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Cleo is 12.5 pounds. and could probably stand to lose a little. I'm hesitant to try too hard to get her to lose, because her CRF is so stable....I just don't want to rock the boat!

Maggie is 8.5 pounds, and perfect weight.

Lola is 7.5 pounds, and she's quite petite...but certainly not underweight.

Maggie and Lola both appear heavier than they really are, probably because of their long hair. Cleo just looks like a tank!
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Levi around 12.5 (a little chunky)
Jordan 12.6 (weighed today at the vet, also slightly chunky)
Isaac 13 (seems about right, he's a big boy.)
Maggie 8.75 (perfect weight)
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Sophia 8 lbs
Lucia 9 lbs
Pepino 9 lbs
Severino 14.9 lbs
Mario 15.9 lbs
Joey 17 lbs
Teddy 22 lbs
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Kizzy is a ragdoll, so he will be heavier than a standard kitty.

When I had him into the vets in Jan. he weighed 7.2lbs at 6mos old. Now I would place him between 8-9lbs at 7mos old.
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Well, I have 23 cats. The majority are around 10-12 pounds. About 5 or 6 are 5 pounds or under. And three are over 15 pounds. None are overweight.
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Coco is 6.2 pounds now but was over 10 when she was younger.
She has Crf and alot of bladder problems.
Meeko is 8.70
Sasha 7.25
Oreo less then 7 pounds
Cleo is over 6 pounds and is only 6 months old.
Sphynx are very strong cats.
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Taylor weighs 6# 5oz and Artemis weighs 6# 4oz as of 2/6, but they're still growing babies... ~5-6 mos old
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Matilda's 11 lbs but should be 9 1/2. (2+ years old)

Chloe is 7 lbs, she should stay that way. (1 1/2 years old)

Henry is 8 lbs and shouldn't get much bigger. (8 months).
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Shareena and Miss Patchwillow have both put on some weight since they were spayed in November. Part of if may be their winter insulation.

Shareena is just under 7 pounds and Miss Patchwillow 9 pounds.

Goldy was spayed at the same time, but she's managed to keep her svelte figure. She won't hold still for the scale, but I think she's between 5 and 6 pounds.

Iris and Cali are both 5 pounds (barely) at 5.5 months of age.
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Bodhi weighs about 15 lbs. He's gained since I got him from the shelter. He's a Maine Coon so that's a good weight for him, although I do think he's gotten a bit of a belly.

Siddha went to the vet this morning and weighed in at 8.13! He's gained 2 pounds in just over a month! He's only 9 months old and the vet said he was doing great.
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Sabastian and Nipper are a good 18 lbs the last time i checked. Every cat i have becomes a fat cat. I must admit theres nothing i love more than a fat cuddly cat! Im sure Princess will prob get up there as well.
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Katie was 7.8 lbs at her vet visit last week. Gracie's weight usually hovers right about 10.bs. Pete was 11.2 last time at the vet. Claire's my big girl at 14+, hence her diet. Our vet would like to see Claire lose 2-3, so we're working on that.
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
well, i guess my cats are normal
Only the vet can really say if they are normal. The breed profile weight for female Oci's is 6-9lbs, 7-8 seems to be average.
Over here many ped. breeds are bigger than their US counterparts.
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Willie weighs about 10 pounds and Neko about 13, but Neko could drop a pound or two, he's a bit chubby.
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Trout is a dainty 7.5 lbs since the vet visit last month. She hasn't gained a pound in the last year. She tries to keep in shape
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They all are at the proper weight for their size/breed.

Ling - about 10/11
Charlie - about 11
Jack (not sure cause he's not here and is still a kitten - will be about 12 when grown).
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My parent's cat Orion weighs 20+ pounds! He is HUGE!

And it's an honest-to-goodness mystery as to why. He's not a stocky breed of cat either. He got pretty sick when my husband and I moved 2,000+ miles away (we're now minutes away from him so we can see him anytime ) so my parents took him to the vet to see why.

The vet gave him a shot of nutrients/vitamins of some kind, and for 2-3 months after that, all Orion would do was EAT! He'd eat his food AND the dog's food and still act like he was starving. They gave him balanced portions but he started packing on the weight. It was like something in that vitamin shot made his body start hoarding the pounds.

They took him back because he was getting chunky rather fast. Two different vets have said they don't know what could've caused it. Orion's weight has tapered off but he's still BIG. He gets fed good portions of balanced cat food and plays and runs around a lot but doesn't seem to be shedding those pounds even though I think he could stand to lose about 5 of 'em I tell Orion he has "Man Boobs" and that the girls don't find that too appealing..lol
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