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So frustrated with work

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I took on this part-time job at the beginning of the year. Doing retail inventories. I really don't like it very much (it's more high stress than I bargained for- you have to scan x/pieces an hour- and if everyone's rates stink- the low people go home, and that just makes me MAD). Not to mention I have to drive all over the place and I don't get reimbursed for it.

But- I have gotten a little money out of it. Somewhere around $1000 right now. But, I guess things are starting to slow down some b/c I got cut from 3 stores this week, next week I only have 3 days, and the week after that I have NOTHING.

I've got a math midterm that week, so maybe not working would be a good thing. Not to mention that I wound up getting sick, and I've been sick for about a week (feel much better). But the crazy hours I work (I can get up as early as 3:45 am) probably didn't help when I came down with the "crud" last week.

So this is my dilemma. I passed up a job working with senior citizens in their homes as a personal care aide. It's more companionship (and I think grocery shopping etc) than CNA stuff. I passed it up b/c I hadn't worked in 14 years, so I had no work history at all, I didn't think I stood a good chance at getting hired. I'd had a couple of other places tell me "sorry- you haven't worked in 14 years, and we have more qualified applicants we're looking at" SIGH.

But now, with about a month and a half at this inventory place, I've got a history. I've shown up for every single thing I've gotten scheduled for (save for 1, and they were ok with me missing it). I do a fairly good job- so I know they'd give me a good reference.

I'm thinking about trying to apply for the aide job. It's geared more at what I want to do anyhow (hopefully I'll be in school in August to get my RN). But what I don't want- is to have a job that I'm going to have a hard time parting with. And I have a feeling if I "click" with any of the clients- it's going to be hard to tell them goodbye when I start nursing school. I can't work- not even part-time- while in nursing school. There is just way too much stuff that's thrown at you, and I am NOT going to fail another course.

And the other thing is- they have been real good about calling me at the last minute (24 hour notice) about a store that they need help in. That happened to me last week, and even though it was a night job- I jumped at the chance b/c I've had hours cut.

Ugh- I'm just tired of this economy. I need the tiny part-time job so we don't have to tell the kids that they have to drop extracurriculars. Good news is- recital costumes are paid for- and after the deposit that dd sends in- we only have another $200 I have to come up with for the orchestra trip to Chicago.
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You are so sweet, to worry about your clients and to work so hard so your children can do extracurriculars. I think you should apply for the aide job. Even if you're with your clients for a short time, it'll be good for them to be cared for by someone who truly enjoys working with them.
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I think you should apply too. You obviously hate your current job (don't blame you!) and they're cutting your hours. You may as well try for something you're going to enjoy. And, once you get into school for RN, even if you don't work for the clients anymore that doesn't mean you can't visit them when you get a chance and your schedule allows. I'm sure your future favorites would love to even get a card from you now and then.
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