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Bonnie's kittens almost 10 weeks--update

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Well, the time has arrived for 3 of the kittens to go to their new forever homes. They have had their first round of vaccines and deworming. Two of the girls--Gigi and Tortie-girl--went to our friends' place today. They only got back from their honeymoon in Cuba last night at midnight and couldn't wait to get them. Dale goes to his new home tomorrow evening. We are keeping Oreo for ourselves as we love her to death. So, now with my 2 new sphynx kittens, I am up to 6 cats LOLOL. It is a blast over here with them, never a dull moment. All are doing so good too.

When we got back from the wedding in Cuba last week, the kittens changed so much! Their shed their kitten coats and are pretty bald looking. I have told their new owners what to expect from this breed and told them that they are to call with any questions, concerns or just to brag I told them to expect an up to an 18 month wait for the full adult coat. I am glad that again I was able to sell them to friends because I can ensure they are looked after properly and follow their growth into adulthood.

I know I will miss them, but I know they will be loved and cherished by both families. They visit our place often so I know I'll get more than enough updates on the babies.

Just a couple pics, and I'm missing one of Tortiegirl, but i'm sure I'll get one this weekend.

Dale looking so bald now with no waves:

Gigi and Oreo sleeping on my lap...guess they missed me

Bonnie enjoying us being home..gotta love the pose
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They are so cute.
I will be getting another sphynx,peterbald or rex this year.
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Awwww - they are cute. In the one picture I see the thicker coat on the paws - hope the rest of the body will look like that.

With Cornish they don't go THAT bald which is why I like them better then the Devons.
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I was just wondering about Bonnie's babies yesterday. It is so nice that you will get to see tham grow-up.
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GoldenKitty, the girls that went yesterday the owners WANTED them to be like Bonnie, close to bald but still some hair. Our friends fell for Bonnie when we got her and immediately wanted a kitten of hers when the time was right. Dale and Oreo were born with very full coats, so I am expecting them to get them back as they mature. Being that this litter is our first of Devons, I wasn't about to make any promises to anyone as I don't know for sure what will happen. I know what happened to Bob and Bonnie and so do our friends...they've seen the transformations over the past year and a half.

We are going to allow one more breeding between Bob and Bonnie and then Bob will get neutered as soon as she becomes pregnant.
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Awwwwwwwww, such cute pics!
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awwwwwwwwwwwww such cute kittes
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Thanks for the compliments! I do miss the babies, but with 6 cats, I am having a lot of fun watching the 3 kittens grow. The sphynx girls are growing so quickly now too. Oreo is still a little guffer but she is sooooo mushy and that's why we fell in love with her and kept her. She is very passive, loving, and very unique in her markings....couldn't pass her up.

It's bath day for the sphynx and hope it goes better than the last time...I am full of puncture wounds LOL....I know it will get better, it will just take time. Like I said before, never a dull moment around here I love it!!
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It will get better.
Cleo was scared the first time I gave her a bath and scratched me.
Now she is fine.
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