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last nite me and BF went to "our place". it this little whole in the wall bar filled with old people. when we first started dating we would get a nice private table to ourselves and drink and talk all nite long. We were there just about every nite. Well since BF has been sober for 2 years we havent been there in a while, but he suggested last nite we go anyway. So he drank his Non alcoholic beer and we also invited some of our other friends to come out. I got nice and sauced up with some shots of yeager..mmmmmmm....and ssome vodkas and diet cokes and had alot of fun. The best part is i always have a safe ride home and BF it doesnt phase him in the least to be at a bar with everyone around him drinking, very strong guy IMO. well i woke up at about 8am with a terrible headache, drank some water and passed out til 2. now im sitting here its 4pm and we havent even left the house for vday festivities!
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My boyfriend had flowers sent to me this morning. Then we went shopping, this is very rare. We both got stuff from American Eagle. Now, getting ready for dinner and movie...
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It's Eric's birthday today so we don't do V-day. We are going to go out to lunch/dinner and My mom is going to watch Jaiden for us. Are first outing as parents with out are baby! Scary and exciting I think I might order a drink! I can do that now!!!! (well not really becasue I am nursing, but I like to think I can).

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Well it's my b'day now, so yesterday we did valetines AND b'day stuff hehe. We went to the Pancake parlour for lunch. Then played in the arcade. Then went bowling!! And saw 'hes just not that into you'. I know a strange choice for valentines, but we wanted to see Underworld and it wasn't showing there anymore! And we wanted to see Ghost Town (with Ricky Gervais) but because of the fires and stuff, it seemed the wrong time. It was a very full day.
Yum Pancake Parlour! I had that when I was over in Melbourne - maple syrup! I didn't pay the extra $4 for organic maple syrup though
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We're celebrating tomorrow instead of tonight with a lobster dinner at home. Tonight it was takeout pizza.
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I didn't do anything earlier. I am going to see a movie with my two guy friends in a little bit, and that is about it.

My birthday is on Monday, so I am excited about that and could careless about Valentine's day.
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We ended up going to the mall and having a slice of pizza for dinner, i picked up some small things for my parents. We went and visited his mom and my parents.
I took him to bestbuy and let him pick out his gaming mouse as his vday present. He got me the most beautiful card and the open heart necklace. We stopped at mcd's and i got a mcflurry....YUM! Went to blockbuster, got some movies and im making him watch a chick flick with me tonite-27 dresses and then some horror movies. Instead of ice skating we decided to snuggle and watch movies. We are going to do dinner at red lobster and ice skating tomorrow if we dont get too lazy lol. It was still great because it was all spontaneous instead of all the plans we had!
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I'm getting ready to go to an expensive five-course dinner at an Italian restaurant for free! I used to work there and when Jon and I got engaged in December the owner, my friend, invited us! It's gonna be sooooo good!
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We didn't do anything out of the ordinary. My mom came over around 2:00 to drop off some gifts, for me and my son. My husband and I don't really do holiday gifts, beyond Christmas (and even then he yells at me for getting him stuff), so I got a card and that's it. We had BLT's, and we didn't do anything else.
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Well Rob didn't get home until about 6:30pm yesterday, after saying he didn't want to work on his brother's Jeep all day. He even has to go back today because his brother put the shifter in wrong yesterday and they decided to wait since it was so late. I watched a few movies (Air Bud: Golden Receiver; Mighty Joe Young; and part of Dr. Doolittle) while waiting around the house.

We went to Chili's around 8:30pm and I used a coupon for a free chocolate molten cake I got in an email. I love Chilis

Didn't do much else haha. I told him I was kind of sad though that he was gone all day, since we didn't get to spend much time together on our anniversary and then on my birthday Tuesday, I'll see him at lunch, but then I have pole practice and won't see him until 8pm when I get him from work (he works late on nights I have class/practice so he can get more done and not work late on days I dont).
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I volunteered at the animal shelter.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I volunteered at the animal shelter.
That's sweet!

SO cleaned the bathroom. He gave me 1lb of my favorite See's chocolates (raspberry buttercreams and almond clusters), and we went to see the movie "Coraline" in 3D with my friends from school. It was a nice day.

We didn't go out to dinner because we went out to dinner the night before, and the restaurants are pretty hectic on Valentine's day.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I volunteered at the animal shelter.
THAT is precious!

...tomorrow is my 1st day!
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your first day to volunteer? Have fun! I love it so much. It's VERY rewarding!!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
your first day to volunteer? Have fun! I love it so much. It's VERY rewarding!!
yes, my 1st day volunteering. I had to pick 8am-11am, cause i start my job at noon. Im not looking foward to getting up so early but i think knowing that those cats will be waiting for someone is going to make it alot easier
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we ended up just going to a local seafood and steak place for dinner which was really yummy but waiting to do presents until next week and he is making me dinner next week. Gary came into town this week so we ended up spending a lot more time with his parents than together alone. but oh well.
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well, my plans changed a bit... i joined my sister & cousin at the EXPO store in dallas [it's closing & they're having a sale] & my sister bought tiles for her bathroom floor. then we ate @ Paradise Bakery. i then drove to Southlake to meet my friend @ Central Market [bought chocolate, cheese, tea] & we went to see Coraline [it was good]. we attempted to eat @ Cheesecake Factory, but we couldn't even get in the door to get on the waiting list for a table - we crossed the street to Brio [italian] & got on the list for a table 2 hours later... so we wandered around the shopping center [went to the Apple store 'cause i had a question] until it was time to eat.
i had mushroom ravioli w/butternut squash in brown butter w/truffle oil [], she had lobster bisque & grilled asparagus... then we shared a 'chocolate trio' dessert - 3 mini desserts; chocolate créme bruleé, warm chocolate pudding cake w/vanilla ice cream, & chocolate caramel layer cake. all in all, a very enjoyable day!
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