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what are you doing for Vday??

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Im really glad its on a weekend this year. Me and BF are going out for a nice dinner, he finally decided what he wanted for Vday, a gaming mouse for his computer. So im going to take him and let him pick it out. Then we decided either a movie or bowling. Im going to bring up ice skating that day, i think its so romantic.

what is everyone else up to?
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I can't ice skate at all. I fell on my knee once. Ouch! I do enjoy bowling.

We are going out to eat and to a movie. Possibly Olive Garden and to see Gran Torino.
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We are doing homework and cleaning house.

We are so romantic...

Actually we went to Red Lobster yesterday because we did not want to try to eat out at a nice place this weekend, because everything is always SO crowded. It was AMAZING. I have been there many times and the food has truly never been that good. We had a wonderful day.

So on Saturday we are pretending it is just another day and doing homework and housework. We pretended yesterday was V-Day.
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In the afternoon we are going to a movie, I've convinced my bf to watch "Confessions of a shopaholic" with me!! Isn't he sweet??
Then we have made a reservation for a really nice restaurant. I am going to wear a really pretty red and black dress..and i'm making him dress nice as well It will be a lovely evening, after which we will probably watch another movie at his house that we will rent..The reservation we made was for 9:30 because everything was already booked earlier...
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Ummm....I'm sitting on my bum at home snuggling with the kitties.
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Dh and I will get take out (don't care for the crowded restaurants) and then play Mario Karts on the wii. We got ourselves that and outdoor adventure as our gifts to eachother. We were just going the candy route; but we really wanted those games.

I have a friend who's a waitress and can't wait to work valentine's day this year. She's a single mom, in nursing school, so she is looking forward to the tips she says!
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Nothing special. Probably just some laundry.

Valentine's Day is a sad day for me. It's the anniversary of my Mother's death. It was a long time ago but it completely ruined any meaning that Valentine's Day ever had for me except to be a day of sadness.
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spending a quiet evening at home with my daughter.. well about as quiet as a 5 week old baby can get anyways! Daddy will be at work that nite.

Maybe we will alll snuggle together on the bed and watch the House episodes that I have on the DVR
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i'm planning to go shopping, then movie & dinner w/a friend [girlfriend, platonic]. she said it certainly would be far less stressful than many previous valentine's day dates she'd been on!
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Nothing this year. Usually we go out to dinner the night before, to avoid all the crowds. But this year we're going to his parents house Saturday morning, so we got stuff to do around the apartment. We might get Chinese takeout for lunch tomorrow though.
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Keep in mind that most nice places to eat are already booked for V-day so you might have a hard time finding a place with no reservations.

Hubby and I are going to the murder mystery dinner and staying overnight. Its our anniversary too (7 yrs).
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Happy Anniversary GoldenKitty..Its ours too! (Only the 1st one though)

We are planning to go to the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow night!
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I'm getting hypnotised tomorrow! I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I'm going to see a friend who is going to help me make sense of everything that is going on, make a final decision. He won't influence me at all, he will just help me to access my unconcious mind to ensure that this is what I really want and that I'm fully congruent and at peace with my decision. Sorry - it all sounds a bit hippyfied doesn't it!
Other than that in the evening I'm seeing a friend or two! Not sure what we'll do - go out or stay in - we'll see!
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Well it's already Valentines day here and I just got my gift - a beautiful watch!

We're getting up at 8AM because my Nana is dropping off a cat that is due to have kittens [if she doesn't have them in the night] so we might be midwives today!

Other then that nothing - I might make him a nice lunch, we'll see how we go with "Chubb" the Exotic girl having babies. I also have work at 6pm!
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My husband and I are going out to dinner to an Asian Bistro and we are going to exchange gifts and stay on the beach over night!I am excited
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My BF and I are going out for upscale Mexican. The place has menu items like lobster tacos! The chef has a good rep and actually worked at several of the high end Italian places around here, but he is Mexican and decided to go back to his roots.

I am planning to try his version of chicken mole (moh-lay) which is a spicy (savory) chocolate sauce.
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Nada. My sister has to work tomorrow so we don't have any plans. I got small boxes of Conversation hearts candy for Mom, my sister and myself since that's probably the only Valentine's Day gift I'll get.
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Its the Garden Expo in Madison,WI this weekend (which we go to anyway). They have lots of vendors so I may find a gift there plus there is a vendor-a children's charity that sells exotic floral bouquet-with protea's and such so that will be my flowers!!

We go to lunch at a local brewpub then visit my BIL who lives in town-well they will visit I'm driving over to Whole Foods-perhaps find a nice Valentines dessert to bring back home and have later.

So really nothing special but the timing for the garden show work for me.
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Valentines Day will be our 11th wedding Anniversary Saturday I am going to make Heart shaped pizzas for dinner, and Sunday we will go to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant to eat and listen to live Jazz
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Probably absolutely nothing. With him out of work right now money is getting tight and to be honest I'm just not in the mood to care about Vday.
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My fiance and i have to work in the morning. Then we will go to an art museum in the city.

Then its back home and I will make a romantic dinner...not sure of what yet..thinking Filet Mignon....

And on Sunday we are goingto celebrate being engaged for 2 years by going to see Flogging Molly. (yeah he proposed on the 15th instead of the 14th because the year he did there was a terrible ice storm and he couldn't get up to see me on valentines day so the next day we were apartment hunting and he took me to lunch afterward at an Irish pub and surpirsed me by proposing over wings and guiness!)
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I have no real 'plans'. I am making my bf his favorite pie in a heart shaped dish and I got him a card. He hasn't told me he has anything planned to do but he won't let me schedule anything either, so maybe he has something in mind as a surprise?
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Staying home and eating chocolate.

And cuddling with a kitty or two.
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My boyfriend and I are cooking in. He surprised me by saying he'd been looking for a good recipe for my favorite dish (chana masala - it's Indian food) and that he wanted to cook it for me. We'll probably make a dessert as well. I think we're going to spend the whole day together, and take a walk and just relax. I'm looking forward to it. I love him!
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We are going to pick our dinner up tomorrow from Raleys.
Sunday is my husbands Bday.
I was going to go to a cat show but there is no way we can go this time.
We have a severe storm coming also.
Winds may hit 70.
This is what are dinner is.
Ultimate Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

- Two 6 oz. USDA Choice Beef filet mignon layered with Dungeness crab (6 oz. container) and topped with a Béarnaise sauce.
- Sweet cream mashed potatoes 12 oz.
- Steamed asparagus with garlic herb butter 8 oz.
- Spring salad with white balsamic vinaigrette 9 oz.
- Parmesan herb ciabatta bread for two 9 oz.
- Baked Brie in pastry 5 oz. with Fig Spread
- Chocolate dipped strawberries 4 count
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Me, my best friend, and another friend are doing a "fake" date thing. We are going to go to dinner, watch a movie, and then probably go out to a bar. I don't really drink anymore so i may end up being the DD but that's ok with me!
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Happy Anniversary GoldenKitty!

This morning I let Rob sleep while I cooked him a steak, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, then delivered it to him in bed in my 7" heels (and maybe not much else?)

He went to work on his brother's clutch after breakfast, but said he doesnt want to be at work all day so he can spend some time with me (we didn't get to spend much time together on our anniversary last week (he brought me a rose to work, and then I didnt see him until 9pm or so because of my pole class))

We'll probably go to dinner tonight, as it is also our regular date night. And I have a whole bunch of Chili's coupons they emailed me for our anniversary, V-day, and my birthday (2/5, 2/14, and 2/17 haha).

He gave me my V-day gift yesterday - had a dozen white and red tulips sent to me at work with a card
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we don't usually do much for V Day. Cards, and I woulda made him breakie if he didn't have to go into work this morning (the AC unit went, and that's not good in a room full of computer equipment, servers/routers/etc. that generate alot of heat) so he's there now waiting for the HVAC guy to bring parts to fix it.

I might make him meatloaf for supper, its his favorite and I haven't made it in a while.
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Right now I'm waiting for Home Depot to come over and install my new water heater.

Then this evening my man is coming over and grilling us some steaks on the bbq outside...in 20°F weather and it's snowing.
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Well it's my b'day now, so yesterday we did valetines AND b'day stuff hehe. We went to the Pancake parlour for lunch. Then played in the arcade. Then went bowling!! And saw 'hes just not that into you'. I know a strange choice for valentines, but we wanted to see Underworld and it wasn't showing there anymore! And we wanted to see Ghost Town (with Ricky Gervais) but because of the fires and stuff, it seemed the wrong time. It was a very full day.
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