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Murder Myster Dinners?

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Anyone ever gone to a murder mystery dinner? Hubby and I are going tomorrow night and staying over at a castle in Minnesota (on the lake). Its our 7th anniversary on Valentine's Day.

We've never done this before. Its a fancy 5 course dinner included and we have to play "parts" - he's a lawyer and I'm a private secratary to the main character.

Just would like to know how its played in general? Is it kinda like the Clue Game?
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It was never posted here but we almost went to a murder mystery for our last Tcs bay area meet up.
We ended up at Rosemarys house instead.
My friends love the murder mystery dinners.
They say they are fun.
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So what's the basics that is done?
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You each play a part and try to solve the mystery.
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I've never done it before but boy that sounds fun!

Have a really nice time.
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Some places let you wear clothes to match the parts.
Each place is different.
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The one that I was involved in, everyone played a part, and each person received a little booklet with information. The booklet had information on their character or part, including their motivation for doing the murder and what they knew about the events surrounding the murder. Someone played the Detective, and he went around throughout the night and "investigated" the murder, and people had to try to figure out who the killer was based on the information they had in their booklet and what they heard from other people.

The main rule was "You can not lie!" so that people wouldn't pretend to have different information than was in their booklets. We received three different booklets at different times in the night. After an hour or two we got the second one, and it gave us more information that we knew about the other characters and the situation, and then a little while later we got a third one with even more information.

The actual guilty person got their third one and the first thing on it said "You can lie now." No one guessed the right one, of course! Some of us ended up guessing ourselves because we thought that we had done it!

The one I went to was a costumed murder mystery, and everyone was dressed to the part, and it was set in the early 20th century so all the women we wearing dresses and the men were wearing suits with top hats. It was very fun. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself!
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i've been to a couple - private birthday parties where we had one of the 'how to host a murder' box games. fun - more like role-playing than Clue. each round, you get information to share & information to keep secret if at all possible. however, you're not allowed to lie, so if someone asks you a direct question pertaining to your 'secret' info, you have to answer truthfully.
at the end of the game, everyone posits who they think the murderer is... then, the actual murderer & solution are revealed.
i played one that was set in the hollywood of the 1930s [one character was named Ivanda B. Aloan ], & the other was set on a cruise in 1928 [this one was just a couple of years ago - it was The Grapes of Frath]. here's a pic from the 2nd one

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I went to one recently! But we didn't play parts, we watched our servers play parts. It was a lot of fun.
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Thanks guys - this sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Yes we will be dressed for the parts. I'll have to let you all know what happens.
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Sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you get to dress up for it! Take lots of photos!
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Will get hubby to make sure the camera is ready - forgot about that
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This summer I went on a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER CRUISE. It was a lot of fun. We didn't play a part, they had actors playing the characters, but we got to try to guess who the murderer was.
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We did one over the summer at a friends--the box murder mystery dinner party deal. It was so much fun, we all dressed the part, it was a hawaiian luau (sp) that the "cast" was attending.

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I went to one on a boat on one of my trips to Florida and it was ok
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I've always wanted to do that! When I play Clue, I do my best to turn it into a roleplaying game -- I'm always Miss Scarlett, and I do a lot of devious glances and an indeterminate mid-European accent...
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