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Question about cats in heat??

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Okay so i took this 10 month old female in last saturday cause it was freezing, very affectionate!! SHe was in heat. Well she is still in my house, i am looking for it's owner.

Now the heat seems to be letting off a bit and now i see different behavior. She was sitting with my husband very comfy, she was petting her head, then all of a sudden she hissed and put her teeth on him, it was out of the blue. Also now she seems to be seeking my other cat out which before she just walked away from her. My cat is 17 years old.
She hissed at my daughter as well. The cat is pretty jumpy with noises, the dishwasher, the shower going on and what not, she also jumoy with movements, if we get up to move she jumps.

I am just curious why the change in mood. Does a cat in heat seem more affectionate, then when she is not. ALso i am wondering how long this cat was actually outside. When i took it to the vet the other night to look for a chip, it was not aggressive to the vet at all.

I really don't have the experience to train a cat nor am i home to do it, i work all day like most people. I was thinking of keeping her. Although i don't know if i can if she is like this, i don't want her hurting my other cat or my family.
ANy advice??
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I know one of my parent's cats went into heat before she could be fixed and she was very affectionate during that time. She would roll over on your feet and rub her face on your feet. She especially loved my husband and my step-dad. Now that she's fixed she's not like that so much.
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