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Change is a-coming...

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When I started my adventure back to school in December, I originally thought of one option: AA/Certificate in Sustainable Building Design. But then as I started thinking about that option, I wondered, 'well, if I'm going to go back for upwards of two years, why not go back for my MA/MFA like I've been threatening for the past six years.'

So, I looked into it. PSU (Portland State University) has a 'program' for those of us who've been out of school for a while (me? ten years), who want to advance their education. It's Post-Baccalaureate Studies. You're not in any formal program, but you're taking credit graduate courses to kinda try it out. So, while starting my foray back into community college (at PCC: Portland Community College), I applied to PSU. It's less rigorous, you don't need to jump through a million hoops to get accepted... etc.

I'm a huge proponent of leaving things up to the fates/will of God/serendipity/etc... if i don't get in, I'll continue on with PCC... if i do get in, I'll veer down that path. Something I've been saying I want to do for six years.

So, today, 12 days after the deadline for applying, I received my letter.

I'm in.

So, now I get to jump through a bunch of smaller hoops, like finding out if Financial Aid covers this program (of sorts). If not, then what kinds of grants and other financial options will I have. So, next week, I'll catch the bus down to campus. I'll talk to Financial Aid people... as well as folks within my department (English).

This is a journey I've been wanting to go down for years now... and finally, I have the chance. This will give me the chance to get my old professors to do the recommendations forms. Something I'd rather do in person, mostly because it has been so long, I'm afraid they wouldn't remember my name if i emailed/mailed the letters... but I need to travel for that... hopefully, this summer.

I feel like life is about to change, for the better. Finally. I hoped moving to Portland would help facilitate this metamorphosis... now, finally, I think it's happening.

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Congratulations! Great for you for following your dreams!
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