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Jack's Upcoming 1st Show

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Jack's first kitten show will be a real test. We just found out that there are a total of 14 Ocicats entered in the North Carolina show (kitten/championship/alter). Jack will actually have to go against 2 other kittens - both older (7 months old). One is a stunning silver boy and the other is a lavender. So it will be interesting to see what happens.

He's put together at 4 months so even if he takes a few 2nd BOB's I'll be happy - it will be tough to beat that silver - got to see pictures of him.

Am hoping one of the breeders there (3 are friends of mine) will give me a call Saturday night or Sunday afternoon to update on how Jack does. Will post results when I get them
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Lots of good luck for Jack.
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Good luck with the show.
I hope he does well.
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That's a huge Oci line-up. Getting close to the 20-30 bengals per show we always have to face.

Hope Jack does well!
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I did forget one thing - out of the 14 Oci's - 10 of the colors are represented! Only ones not entered are Fawn Spotted and Blue Spotted (both colors are in the silver side - Fawn-Silver and Blue-Silver). And only ONE chocolate Ocicat in the entire group! The breeders will be posting pictures but not sure if I'll be able to transfer them from the emails.
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Good luck for Jack - I'm always happy with a 2nd BOB if there are more then 3!
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