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What wine or alcohol goes good with our valentines dinner?

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This is what we are having for our Valentines Dinner.
Ultimate Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

- Two 6 oz. USDA Choice Beef filet mignon layered with Dungeness crab (6 oz. container) and topped with a Béarnaise sauce.
- Sweet cream mashed potatoes 12 oz.
- Steamed asparagus with garlic herb butter 8 oz.
- Spring salad with white balsamic vinaigrette 9 oz.
- Parmesan herb ciabatta bread for two 9 oz.
- Baked Brie in pastry 5 oz. with Fig Spread
- Chocolate dipped strawberries 4 count
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That's a fair bit of food! I hope you have several hours to enjoy it.

For your Filet Mignon, I'd suggest a nice California Zinfandel. Two wineries that produce nice Zins are Ravenswood and Fetzer, the latter being slightly less pricey, but still very nice.

With your strawberries, you can't go wrong with a little champagne, but if you prefer a dessert wine, Quady does nice things. We like Elysium and Essensia a lot. Essensia, being the somewhat lighter one, and orange, would probably go better with the strawberries.

Bon Appetit!
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Aren't you supposed to have red wine with red meat? Thats the only thing I know
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aren't you supposed to have red wine with red meat? Thats the only thing I know
That's what Zinfandel is -- a nice one.
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I have a few bottles of wine from Quady here.
There wines are good.
I can get either Zins here easliy.
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I usually go to the wine store and take my food menu with me and ask them what they would recommend. I've always been given excellent wine recommendations when I do that.

You'll probably find something nice from South Africa or South Australia. Most of my wine choices have come from those 2 regions.
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Wow - surely there's room for 3?

I would recommend with the dessert a nice spicey Gewurtztraminer!
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well im single so my valentines meal will be whatever the chinese is doing on special, but i love cider, so in my opinion that goes with anything!
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Oh my goodness, your dinner sounds good! Maybe we can let our "mean" boyfriend and husband have Valentine's dinner together, and I can have Steve's share of food!
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I am sure I will have food left over.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
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Very fancy but I have no idea on wine/alcholol. I can't stand any wines and we don't drink alcohol.
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I would agree a nice red like a Zin or a Cabernet goes with the dinner you've described. But I don't know which wineries.
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I think I would do three, if I was going all out! I am not the best with brands though, I would go with what I know, which are all the around $10 bottles. I like the idea of going into the wine store with the menu and asking for recommendations. I bet you could get some great ones that way!!!

With the salad and bread, a glass of white wine, like Pino Grigio or Riesling. Chardonnay might be a little much for salad and bread. I would probably do Ecco Domani Pino Grigio, if it were me. I also like Chateau St. Michelle Riesling.

Then, with the steak, asparagus and potatoes, I would do Merlot or Cabernet but there is nothing wrong with Zinfandel either. Yum. I like Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon and Kendall Jackson Vitner's Reserve Merlot. I also like Yellow Tail Shiraz from Australia, it's a bit fruity and I like it!

For dessert, make sure you get a sweet wine, otherwise it will taste bitter with the chocolate. I don't have much experience with real champagne (not in my budget!) but I really like the Roederer Estate sparkling wines, they are from Anderson Valley California, and very, very good (IMO!).

Good luck, I hope you enjoy your awesome dinner!
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Oh, I know! Cost Plus World Market has lots of good wines for inexpensive, they might have suggestions too!
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Thanks for the advice everyone.
I will have quady for sure
I have a few bottles already.
I will decide on the other wine tomorrow.
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