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URI? ASTHMA related?

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Hi there,

I have been on this site a few times to get advise, and here I am again. I have 3 cats all together, 2 of my own and 1 foster. My female cat is 7 and has been diagnosed with asthma, so is my foster cat, she is 11 now. With the weather not being the greatest the Asthma is bad and they are both due for another shot (dept). My 7 year old so makes me wonder if there is more to it. She sneezes and sneezes, and has a hard time breathing - all the time, not like the Asthma which comes and goes. She sneezes snut, but it is clear. All of my cats are up to date on shots and do not go outside at all, haven't been out for years. My appointment is not until saturday and work doens't allow me to take her earlier. My male, which is only 2 is fine, no issues whats however. I have her now seperated from the other cats just in case. Any advise?
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Thats what Coco does when she has a uri.
It will set her asthma off also.
Your cat might be getting a uri.
My Oreo has a bad cough right now and Cleo had a uri before.
Coco got it also my cat with asthma.
The weather is so messed up right now.
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I still don't understand, you get the required shots every year, so they won't get sick, in order for a URI to be treated antibiotic is needed, my foster had it before, so it is a virus. They do not go outside, I really don't understand....
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My cats do not go out either but still happens.
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So, now I am running a very good chance that the other 2 will get it as well, even so they are now seperated, what a mess.....
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Well I have 5 cats and Sasha and Meeko did not get it this time.
The other 3 did.
Also last year Meeko had a 105 fever with uri.
Only Coco caught it.
It depends on your cats.
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Well, I seperated them just because the foster is getting treatment this weekend and is going to adoptions, so if she gets sick, she cannot go, plus 2 Asthma kitties and one with URI is enough.........
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Good Idea.
I would hate for the foster to get sick.
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I had the opposite happen. My foster had a bad URI and I was giving her Clavomax for it. My own cats do not go on the sun porch where I keep fosters, so I was surprised when they started sneezing. Clear snot and sort of ragged breathing. Took the four sneezers to the vet and they got shots.

One of our cats is in a room by herself (she can't stand the other cats). Only her brother goes in. They both started sneezing today.

We have appointments for the other two tomorrow. Whatever it is, it can travel...
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This is the American Association of Feline Practitioners site for recommended "core" vaccinations and other "non-core" vaccinations. They now recommend vaccinating only once every 3 years, NOT every year.

I am not sure about this but have asked my vet about yearly vaccines weakening the immune system and that may contribute to allergies. Too complicated for me to touch. Maybe something to ask th vet when you go.

Usually a clear drainage is not an infection YET. Hope things go well at the vet.
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A booster for the immune system is probably not a bad idea, at least for the senior kitties, I will look into that, thanks.

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