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URGENT-- Help trapping kitten

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hello all
i saw this guy dumping a kitten,that got stuck under his car,in the street!
the poor thing was soooooo scared and was trying to climb any thing to feel safe
i couldnt have the heart to leave it there so we managed to catch it and take it home,but it ran away as soon as we got there, it hid away in a crack in our yard and we just cant reach!!
we really want to help it, it's cold outside and i think it is toooo small to even eat!!
please help
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Try coaxing it out with a saucer of warm milk.
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it's so scared to get out the poor thing.. we hear it meowing but when we're near it will stop ,,, i'll try to get some warm milk and keep an eye on it ..
i'm afraid that other ferals might hurt the little kitten
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post
Try coaxing it out with a saucer of warm milk.
I've heard that cows milk isn't good for cats? Also, that goat's milk is okay?

Poor little baby, my heart aches with yours - I think I would be going crazy right now - but, sometimes in our effort to help, we get in the way of the amazing natural abilities that they have for survival - I've learned the hard way by trying to help too much, and causing more problems than I could have ever imagined.

Age: do you remember the color of his/her eyes? That would help with the age.

I've noticed with the kittens I have around my house, once they're frightened and hiding, they stay there for a long time.

Do you think it's a baby feral that was in the neighborhood already? If so, maybe mommy will come looking - would she have access to your yard? She could possibly hear it crying for her, and come get it.

Oh, man!
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the eyes were light,, i cant really remember what color it was, some how we got the feeling that this little kitten is blind i hope not

well as i said a guy dumped the poor thing in the street so i don't know what neighborhood her mom is.. that street was a busy one with a lot of construction work there and adult ferals ..

she/he didnt come out yet i tried cream,food,and warm milk but nothing
i hear the meowing and it's killing me

why didnt the guy return her/him to his neighborhood at least!

plz guys i really need ur help
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First off, don't panic. Give the kitten a little bit of time to get to the food -right now it's in complete survival mode... and calling for its Mom no doubt. How big is it? The eyes are open? Are the ears unfolded at all? If it got away from you then is it big enough to run.

Try getting PLAIN baby food chicken or turkey - like first stages - no seasonings.... mix it with warm water (make it sloppy) and warm it a little bit... put that out for the kitten and see if she will come to it. Likely need something smellier than the milk. PLEASE DONT GIVE THE KITTEN COWS MILK. IT WILL MAKE HER SICK.

And step back and watch from a distance. You may end up needing a humane trap to get her. Check with local animal rescues to see if anyone has one they can lend you... or maybe your local animal control will help you if you take the kitten... otherwise she/he may get put down.
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Plain sardine juice - sardines packed in water is VERY smelly and
appealing, mix with kitty milk - either the Cat's Milk they sell
at pet shops and over in grocery stores - or a product called KMR
Kitten Replacement Milk that is used to nurse orpahned animals/cats.

I second what you've been told, try to get the food as close to the hiding
place as possible. Then go stand back aways where it can't see you
but you can see it come out.

YOu will likely need to put a box out for shelter as well.
A small cardboard box, coverd with a plastic garbage bag
(to make it waterproof) use tape to tape the bag securely
to the box exterior. Cut a hole it in so she can hid in there.
Put blankies or rags in there for a nest.

If you want make a rice heater (use long grained dry white
rice, put in a sock, heat in micro for 4 minutes or till hot.
wrap once in toweling or rag and place in the "nest" inside
the box... put that near the food, and she might go hide in it.

Alternately go straight to trapping. Get a trap, cover with towel,
line with newspaper drip sardine juices from front to back, place
small amount of wet food in the back of the trap where the
kitten will trigger trap when he/she goes to eat.

For more details ask others here about kitten trapping...

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If you borrow a trap, tell them that you are trapping a very small kitten. Some of them are too sturdy to be tripped by a very little one, and some can be adjusted for the weight of the kitten.

When my Oscar showed up at 5 weeks old, he was too light to trip my trap. It took me 3 days to finally get close enough to snatch him up.
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hey all
sorry couldn't reply earlier (stupid connection)
but i have some GREAT news!! we managed to get her out of the crack and after doing aLOT of running around we caught her at last!! we put her in a big cage (the one u see in pet shop) put the litter box, and the food, and covered the whole thing with a cloth to make her feel secure,she kept meowing the poor thing for couple of days but ate some kitten food and to my surprise used her litter box
now she got used to us and purrs whenever someone touch her! she's out of the cage and is kept in a room for a while, she's healthy her eyes are shiny, great fur, and hey she got bigger during the week!!
also she's VERY playfull and has an adorable personality!
she got an appointment with vet for a check up..

i thought i show u a pic of the lil cutey

thanx all for ur help
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Wonderful news!

She is a cutie pie!!
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Oh - I'm so glad you updated us. She is adorable. And I bet is loving the fact that there are a couple of nice humans out there!
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I'm so glad you caught her!
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This has lots of information that will be helpful.

She is beautiful. So glad you got her.
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Now THAT'S the best news I've heard all day!! Thank you for letting us know she is now safe, and especially the good news that she's making herself at home with your family so easily. whoohoo!! (removed the smilie - too much activity. )

What a doll - what is it about kittens that just get into your heart so quickly?

I hope you have a good vet visit!
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