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how much food? wet only

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marley gets wet food twice a day, between 2.75 and 3oz each feeding. he also has dry fod out all day, but he seems to be eating less and less dry food. if i were to feed him only wet food would 9oz a day be enough? he is 10 months and 10-11lbs. he is not overweight at all, he is long and lean.

is there any dry food you have found that your cats go crazy for? that they REALLY like??
Ive tried
felidae...he wouldn't touch it
California natural....eats a little
TOTW...eats a little, what he is eating now
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My Luke is about the same age/size and he eats 3oz wet, twice a day.

I don't free feed dry because my other cat will just eat that instead of the wet. So I give them a quarter cup of dry to share each day.

If you don't free feed the dry food- your cat will be less picky about the wet. I know with mine, they will eat any wet food the moment I put the plate down.

I like to feed them Wellness- mostly the chicken and turkey flavors.
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My boy is 5 and 13 pounds. He prefers wet, BUT he is very fussy about it being fresh. So I feed him 1/2 can (3 oz) at a time. Even so, I open 3 cans on an average day (9 oz), but I suspect he only eats a total of about 6-7 oz. because I wind up throwing so much away (he won't touch it if he doesn't finish it immediately).

He has dry available all the time and does nibble at it. The only ones he will eat are Fromm and Taste of the Wild.
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They recommend you feed half a can of wet food at one time during the day and then the other half the rest of the day.

What I do is feed half a can a day put it in the refrigerator, and then give wet food through-out the day. Like a couple of times a day.

My cat won't over eat. She will eat when she is hungry.

Not every cat is the same though.
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VERY general guideline ... 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce per lb of body wt ... so a 10 lb cat should get 5-10 oz a day ....
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My cats are almost 1yr and 2 yr, and they eat:

Wet food-
they share a 5.5oz can of rabbit Natures Variety once a day, and share a 3oz packet of Nutro natural in the evening

dry food-
this is the only healthy dry food they like (after extensive trials)
Innova EVO (only find it in feed stores, online)
they free feed on it, and i think it averages out they eat about 1/2 cup each a day?

i have to do mostly grain free because of Kitty, and theyre doing great
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My theory is that dry kibble is required for teeth maintenance, so wet food is only served in the morning with kibble always around at other times. My friend had a cat that only ate the moist pouches that had constant dental problems throughout his life.

My recently acquired kitten was eating IAMS Multi-cat, with my other adults eating Science Diet Hairball Light - so I thought to at least get the kitten on the same brand. I bought a bag of SD Kitten Chow to mix in with the Hairball Light and everybody loves it.
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