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Sorry about.......

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Hey; I realize I'm one of those "trolls" posting around about breeding cats and the economy etc. Sorry. I didn't realize I was being irritating. I just wanted to know. I've been studying cats and breeds for years, and happen to own a few cats myself. I know that breeders aren't in the breeding business for the cash, I was just curious. Sorry if I've caused any trouble.
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There's no need to apologize! That is what this board is here for - people with questions connecting with people with experience.
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I dont know if anyone here is really a "troll".. someone just recently noticed an increase in breeding questions lately. Its too easy to make assumptions.

Although some are looking into breeding for profit, Im sure some, such as yourself, just want to learn and do research before getting invovled. Not everyone realizes that breeding isnt profitable, or that there's a right and wrong way to do it (we all have to learn somewhere!).

Its always best to ask questions and do your homework first.. no one should be insulted for trying to be responsible.
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Most don't mind questions, it's when posters argue back after not getting the answer they wanted.
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
I don't think she was the one that said that about your Persians...or you mean another website? Wasn't it Star...something that said that?
Your right it was Starrdazl that posted about the persians
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Uhhh sorry don't mind me for getting confused!

apology accepted!

ETA: post deleted.
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that's ok, guys. no offense.
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