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Ferris and Bonnie have both created new games recently.

Ferris has started to run up to the top of the 5-level huge cat condo in my bedroom, and when he gets to the top, WHOOP! he throws himself head first over the edge into a giant orange furball somersault that lands him on the next level down onto his back.

Then he lays there and looks at me and spreads out his toes on his huge feetsies while I laugh and tell him how much I love to watch him do that.

He enjoyed it (and my reaction to it) so much the first time he did it, that he's started doing it nearly every morning, several times in a row.

And Baby Bonnie has, just this week, taught ME how she wants to play fetch. She has a little tiny bit of a broken feather wand that used to be Max's; it's about 7 inches long with just a tiny tuft of green feathers left on it, and it is one of her most favorite "prey" toys.

She carries it in her mouth up onto my bed at night when I lie down, and first thing when I wake up in the morning. She'll drop it on my lap then drop down next to it and look up at me with this expectant look on her little face.

So then I pick it up, tease her with it a little, and then hurl it off the bed into the hallway, or onto the cat condo, or into a far corner, and she chases after it, finds it, and carries it back up onto the bed to repeat the whole game over again. And over again. And over again. And over again...etc.etc.etc.

She is so stinking adorable!!! And smart, too!